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ChasingBlueSky  (D License)

Oct 22, 2004, 9:00 AM

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Re: [weegegirl] What can we do?

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Skyride is now opening up DZs with the money they have made from the certificates. Given enough time, there will be no use in talking to DZOs about it...they will be the DZO.

It seems that USPA is talking about it. I know that Jan has kept a web site logging the sites, etc.

Well, if that happens, experienced jumpers need to NEVER go to Skyride dz. Yes, they will still be tandem factories, but they won't be able to support large aircraft. Then, our dropzones can advertise our otters and king airs and whatnot.

Just some thoughts. Brainstorming. Those guys really piss me off. Mad

Whuffos don't usually care about the plane that is used. Did you for your first jump? I know most people I talk to never ask that.

Once Skyride has a few DZs up and running, they can use the pre-existing (and successful) marketing infrastructure they have to push tandem biz in their direction. Thus killing off DZs that survive off of that portion of the sport.

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