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ChasingBlueSky  (D License)

Oct 22, 2004, 8:44 AM

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     What can we do about Skyride?

There have been plenty of threads on here about Skyride and their unethical and even illegal tactics. The Capital Commentary stopped short of using their name this month.

Is there anything we, as a community, can do to shut this down before they cause lasting damage to the industry? Before the find a way to steal student business from the real dropzones and cause them to eventually shut down?

The only idea I have ever heard someone willing to take was to google bomb them using blogs. I've heard of photographers and instructors saying they can't afford to sue them, maybe we can put together a fund to help with the costs of a lawyer?

Any ideas or anyone willing to do this?

Added by slotperfect on 8 November 2007: Thanatos340 has compiled a list of dropzones by state that accept (or don't accept) Skyride Certificates. You can find that list here

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