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davelepka  (D 21448)

Oct 20, 2004, 7:50 AM

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Re: [arlo] Cypress Fires New Rule- Perris

there really is no excuse for loss of altitude awareness being the cause of a cypres fire - NONE.


I think a distinction that opposers to this rule are not making is that a Cypress fire is not the result of a simple loss of altitude awareness; it's the result of a GROSS loss of altitude awareness.

I usually like to get a PC out around 3k or 3.5K. If I lose alt. awareness, I'm throwing out at 2k or 2.5k, more than twice Cypres fire alt. I have a little wiggle room built into the plan.

If you are going to plan a dive where your intended pull alt. is 2k, you need to be on the ball. You need to realize that you are taking it right to the limit, and to proceed accordingly. There is no wiggle room. A brief lapse of awareness will result your options closing in on you in a hurry.

I jump with a Cypres, and have seen enough video of main and reserve entanglements or downplanes that I regard Cypres fire alt. with as much concern as I regard the ground. I see a Cypres fire during my main deployment to be a serious risk to my health and well being. The fact that anyone thinks it's OK, or excusable that their snivel took them into firing alt. with enough speed to cause a firing is rediculous. You know you have a Cypres, you know it's on, respect that and plan around it.

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