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nate_1979  (B 27889)

Oct 18, 2004, 8:31 PM

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Re: [mcrocker] Cypress Fires New Rule- Perris

I dunno, I'm a new jumper... My $.02 is that a cypress fire WOULD be a big deal, and if I ever had one I would not be upset to be grounded as I obviosly need to think some things over. (excluding I get knocked out in freefall or something) . I'm lucky enough to jump at a drop zone that REQUIRES a cypress, and I'm happy for that.. I just think they are a good idea. On the flip side, I will *ALWAYS* fly as though I dont have one, why would I trust my life to some little computer with a pyro device hooked up to it? There are ways to not loose altitude awareness, my personal solution is my audibles which simply BACK UP my visual altimiter and visual of the ground.. If I get so caught up in my jump that I dont notice my altitude I think my two audibles screaming at me at the same time @ 2K will definately get my attention if I missed the first alerts Unsure It costs a bit of money to get this stuff, but seriously it is your life your talking about.

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