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Oct 18, 2004, 1:09 PM

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Re: [ChasingBlueSky] Cypress Fires New Rule- Perris

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That's pretty funny - because I am known to be such a reckless jumper

Did I call you reckless? Nope. I asked if you were in the group I spoke about...The group in this case is the group that does not see a CYPRES fire as a big deal. You may have READ something else that was not there.

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I've been called the safety bitch and mother hen by more than a few jumpers

Good for you.

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The culture of the jumpers I know is not complacent.

Maybe you don't know the other cultures, or other times...It's hard for me to understand life before everyone had a car...But for my Dad it's much easier, and for my Grandfather its simple. Maybe you can't fathom life, and the way of thinking back then, pre-safe AAD?

Its not saying you are unsafe...just that you don't know.

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I've been around long enough to remember when the Stiletto was a death machine

Did physics change? Did the Stiletto suddenly become safer than it was 10 years ago? EDUCATION may have gotten better...But we have known since day one that hitting the ground was bad....That has NEVER changed. You see the ATTITUDE to the Stiletto changed...Not the Stiletto. Just as the attitude to a CYPRES fire has changed. And using your example a new skydiver does not know the danger that a Stiletto was/is since it seems so much less high performance than a Velocity.

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you have to let the kid touch the hot stove and get burned.

And sometimes people die. You would rather they die...I'd rather they listen. Eiter way I can't just do nothing and wait for the next person to get burned/burn in.

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Roger Nelson, Kirk Smith, Sky and Rainbo who have seen just about every aspect of this sport and can put it into perspective and really boil it down to what matters.

And what do *they* think about CYPRES fires?
Seems to me that BC thinks there is a problem, and he is one guy I really trust.

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So, something like this is ok to do, but if you have a Cypres fire, it isn't?

Never said it was OK..But at least they KNEW they were going low. A person who loses track of altitude has no clue they are close.

I also bet they were yelled at or grounded. As they should have been....

You can only tie going for the low pull contest record.Wink

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Again, I see otherwise

Again only from your frame of referance. And your frame of referance is post AAD, and from Chicago a very progressive DZ. Again I ask...What was Rogers view of a person who was saved by an AAD? What did he do?

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And they were right. I did dumb things, and for the most part they kept me in line.


But you still went out and did dumb things anyhow - despite what they said to you.

Actually I normally did the dumb thing BEFORE they yelled at me for doing it....AFTER they yelled at me I tended to stop doing the dumb thing that got me yelled at....In one case due to them threatening to kick my ass if I did it again. (Low pull at around 400 jumps...ya know back when I thought I knew everythingWink).

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New jumpers are not taking the sport as serious as they need to.


And rock n roll is the devils work!!! Once again, I don't see it as dire as you do. Yes, I have traveled - 27 dzs in five years and countless boogies.

I love how you petty much ignored the fact that people HAVE accepted things as normal that were not normal before. Both in the real world...I doubt saying "Water Closet" will get you censored today, and no one would jump a canopy that mals every 100 jumps.

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Yes, I have traveled - 27 dzs in five years and countless boogies.

27 is less than 60+ and 5 years is less than 11. Plus you were not around when AAD's were considered death traps.

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I understand that as I have been down that road as well. But I did have full respect of this sport before those deaths.

Good for you...Do you think EVERYONE has that same attitude as you did? I didn't. Difference was I thought an AAD would kill me, not save me.

Who knows more about the things an alcoholic will go through....A guy that was never an alcoholic, or the guy that was and recovered?

If you never were dangerous...Good for you and you do serve as a good example...Bravo!!!! But to think you "know" the other side of the coin is foolish at best.

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Team Funnel was created to help promote safety long before we lost our first friend...I know this because I helped create that group with seven other guys that felt the same way about the sport as I did.

Again, Bravo!!!

Some learn the lesson later, others bounce before they learn the lesson.

And most people don't equate a CYPRES fire to an almost bounce anymore since they think the CYPRES will always be there. That attitude is new. And I think that attitude is bad.

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