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Aug 6, 2004, 1:51 AM

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Re: [Harksaw] Events NOT Advertising

If your nearby DZ is getting a turbine for the weekend after years of cessnahood, and you start a thread about it?

Indeed. But if they get it every week on a Wednesday for the rest of the year, then it's hardly an event, then it's just a regular occurrence.

I just don't understand how "$15 Thursdays" is not an event, and a boogie with $15 jumps is.

Because the one is a boogie and the other one is a Thursday. It has nothing to do with the $15. If the $15 becomes the "event", then you're advertising a special.

The idea is simple. I'd like people to use this area to tell us about and discuss "major" skydiving events (as it says in the forum description). The intention was not to create a place where DZs can post about every promotional activity that they're doing by passing it off as an "event". It's not.

I hate to sound like a lawyer, but I think its necessary to define the difference between advertising and discussion meant for this forum.
Just about every post currently in here could be considered advertising

I think it should be pretty clear by now seeing as there's only one type of post that I've commented on so far. We've been deliberately lenient in this forum to allow as much of this information to pass though. Now I've made a request, please understand and honor it or I will start looking at alternatives to keep this forum in line with what I had in mind. My guess is you'll end up with less posting freedom than you have now... that's almost inevitably what happens.

Police yourselves.

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