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chuckbrown  (D 19538)

Jun 3, 2004, 8:16 AM

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Re: [teason] wing loadings for jumpers with 50-100 jumps

People are getting wiped out in this sport because of highly loaded canopies. You're absolutely correct in restricting the WL on low-timers. If somebody thinks you're holding them back, let them go someplace else and possibly get hurt. I think the DZO's wife was nuts for giving a 1.3 Stiletto to someone with 90 jumps. PD used to refuse to sell Stilettos unless a jumper had at least 600 jumps. That should say everything. While different people progress at different paces, do you want to be the one who makes a mistake and gives a HP canopy to a novice who you thought could handle it, but couldn't in the end.

IMHO, this exact issue is the biggest problem in skydiving today --- and the biggest killer. Hat's off for taking the tough stand. You're doing these guys a favor even though they don't know enough about the sport to know that.

Edited to add: I knew someone who went around PD's 600 jump limit for Stilettos and bought a used one when he had 300 jumps. He promptly killed himself turning low to avoid obstacles when he landed off DZ.

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