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EW - I'd reconsider

Skydive Greensburg Rated 1 by: rocketdog on 2005-04-28

Pros: see below
Cons: see below

I haven't been to Skydive Greensburg's main facility in Indiana....however, I did travel 1,000+ miles ONE WAY to make it to their 2nd Marco Island boogie in Florida. Yes, boogies are more chaotic, but the lack of communication, organization and professionalism from the overseers @ Skydive Greensburg was appalling! The landing area was incredibly small, crowded w/ tourists, and had 1 OUT (the Gulf) -- with only a B License requirement!? When the entire event was cancelled ON THE 1st DAY, no refunds for registration were offered, no apologies given (that I heard).... very greedy & shady if you ask me. Overall, the Marco Island boogie that was advertised SO heavily fell to complete shambles. Although it was a boogie, I wouldn't be quick to spend money or my life at anything promoted by this company.
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i love (SGC's) otter

Skydive Greene County Rated 3 by: rocketdog on 2004-09-27

Pros: fast otter, chill environment
Cons: no smaller aircraft, experience of jumpers

Definitely enjoyed the chill vibe from SGC -- hanging around the campfire, staff inviting transeit jumpers to dinner, friendliness of office staff, places to crash, etc.

Not a fan of CASA's. I was disappointed because for being "The Legend" there were no freefliers over 200 jumps to learn from. Seemed to be the same w/ RW -- all the experienced jumpers were doing staff jumps =(

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Cleveland Boogie

Cleveland Parachute Center, Inc. Rated 5 by: rocketdog on 2004-07-02

Pros: fun fun fun!
Cons: funky winds?!

The people @ this DZ ROCK! Not only are they inviting and energetic, but they are extremely helpful. When i showed up needing a small main canopy to jump, the DZO's daughter offered me her entire rig to jump for the weekend...

Caught some funky winds off the treetops in the areas, but nothing seriously scary. Overall, the DZ had awesome vibes (and good food)!

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Not sure what to think?!

Aerohio Rated 3 by: rocketdog on 2004-06-16

Pros: Very safety-conscious people/vibe
Cons: Not friendly

AerOhio is a very open, clean facility. The DZOs (Tim & Sherry) were EXTREMELY accommodating & friendly.... I wish I could say the same for the rest of the DZ. During my 5 hour stay there, ONE PERSON bothered to approach me (& that was for a simple "hello, I'm Gary"). I realize that I could've approached people as well, but did not feel any sort of inviting vibe from anyone but the DZOs.

Although the DZ is exceptionally safe, I found it to be unfriendly & therefore, would hesitate to return.

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fun times

Canton Air Sports Rated 4 by: rocketdog on 2004-03-16

Pros: swoop pond, great people
Cons: a small dz

When I arrived @ the dz without gear, jumpers & staff were extremely helpful & willing to put together gear for me to jump. The people were so inviting, friendly, and it was a very comfortable/relaxing atmosphere.

A HUGE open area to land in -- only regrets were that there wasn't much action -- but HEY I'm not a turbine snob :)

If you're a pond swooper you will *LOVE* this pond!! it's an ideal size with a majority of outs ...EnJoY!

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Rocks my world!

Skydive Warren County, Inc. Rated 5 by: rocketdog on 2004-01-15

Pros: every discipline, friendly/outgoing staff + safety-conscious
Cons: its a seasonal DZ

Skydive Wayne County is a top-notch dropzone and is run with the highest quality of safety. Not only is it a USPA-affiliated dropzone, but the instructors are knowledgeable, the aircraft is well-maintained, and the entire environment is inviting. Members do their best to accommodate everyone: from students to migrating, experienced jumpers. Check out the "THE" Boogie *AND* visit before that to see the skydiving community.

*ADDED BONUS* -- office/ manifest/ some staff/ supervising positions are female-driven!!! (Jaime, Amy, Donna, Hollywood, etc. ROCK!)

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New Years

Skydive City - Z-Hills Rated 4 by: rocketdog on 2004-01-15

Pros: every discipline, friendly environment, etc.
Cons: it's humbling to be around so many "skygods"

After spending almost a week in Lake Wales, in comparison, Z-Hills was a breath of fresh air -- especially the night life!! The people are *SO* friendly, enthusiastic & inviting. The otters provide a very quick ride to altitude. The bar, snack bar, and dinner buffets were a wonderful convenience (especially for the out-of-towners) -- I can't wait to go back!
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Christmas Time!

Florida Skydiving Center/Skydive Lake Wales Rated 4 by: rocketdog on 2004-01-15

Pros: it has EVERYTHING
Cons: i hope you like CASAs

Lake Wales is an exceptional skydiving center whether you're a student or a "skygod". The friendly, inviting people parallel the inviting Florida weather! Betty (1 of the DZOs) is extremely safety-oriented & it is reflected in her personal interactions with all of the jumpers. The landing area is huge & overall, everything runs smoothly. My only hesitation is that they constantly run the CASAs over the otters. Yes, it accommodates more people but the climb to altitude is hellacious!
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