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Perfect DZ for students or experienced

Cross Keys & Freefall Adventures Rated 5 by: norton247 on 2012-07-07

Pros: d. all of the above
Cons: none

After years of wanting to jump, I made my first tandem at CK this past Sunday. The entire experience was amazing!! The staff is very welcoming, exciting and unique to their own personalities. The facilities are more than you would expect in the way of cleanliness and what they have to offer. Huge packing area in the hanger, plenty of clean rest rooms, decent gear store, great snack shack for something to eat or drink, MORE than enough comfortable sitting areas for spectators, which is much appreciated by my wife and young daughter. Anyone working at Free Fall adventures, from the check in ladies, to the instructors, other jumpers or Art over in the gear store, is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and exciting to talk to. I haven't met a person yet that was too busy to answer a question, lead me in the right direction or voluntarily offer me advice. The people here made me feel like an old friend from the start and I love just hanging around as a spectator, learning something new, or chit chatting with other jumpers almost as much as i love "jumpin' outta them planes" Immediately after touching down on their over sized and easy to spot landing zone, I was hooked and went straight in to pay for another, followed by ground school and my t3 jump the very next day. two days later i was back for my B1 and am heading out in a few for my next jump/s. The student training area is fairly simple and separate enough from everything going on around the drop zone to allow you to focus completely. The instructors Dana and Sebastian are the ideal people to learn from. Everything was EXTREMELY thorough and I didnt leave feeling like I was the slightest bit confused or unsure about anything I had learned from ground school. That continues so far with each jump. They're just altogether awesome people and a hell of a good crowd to jump with. Very safety aware and thorough, as I said! I had the pleasure of jumping with three tandem instructors- Scott, Rob and Richard. you can't pick a favorite. They all stick to the program, yet have a little bit of their own unique style and personalities. I felt completely 100% safe, at ease and confident with every one and felt as though each taught me something new and different.

The prices- i do not want to bash any specific drop zones, and there may be reasons I'm unaware of that cause the price difference... but i researched all the different DZ prices and NOBODY could compare to Free Fall Adventures! I'm excited to finish through to my A license hear and continue jumping Skydive Cross keys!

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