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Short visit to the Farm

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: ladyskydiver on 2005-08-22

Pros: Beautiful DZ, great people
Cons: Huh? What's that?

Great people to hang out and jump with. Beautiful scenery - from up top as well as on the ground. You want a fun place to jump? How about a fun place to hang out after jumping? Or even just a great place to watch jumpers? If that's what you is where you should be.
(Review ID:2513)

Hybrids are fun

Skydive Tecumseh Rated 5 by: ladyskydiver on 2005-07-10

Pros: Beautiful scenery; nice people
Cons: hmmm...can I get back to you on that one?

Had a wonderful 4th of July weekend at Tecumseh and the people are awesome. Had a blast jumping with people and attempting a hybrid. Anyone want to do a hybrid? This is the place...they LOVE doing them.

I'll definitely be back soon.

(Review ID:2410)

Skydive Miami - fun place to jump

Skydive Miami Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2004-10-12

Pros: Nice jumping
Cons: bring your own food

People were nice and friendly. Was greeted right away. They kept checking on to make sure that I was having fun and jumping. Pam was LO'ing and was more than willing to teach and make the dives successful, fun, and a learning experience for all involved. I'd definitely go play in the skies again with them.
(Review ID:1867)

Beautiful DZ to go play in the skies at

Skydive Long Island Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2004-09-13

Pros: Beautiful scenery, nice people
Cons: Pain to get to since it's on an old military base

People at the DZ were very friendly and welcoming. Scenery is beautiful and leaving the DZ at night, I got to see some deer.

Seeing the ocean and all the water from altitude was absolutely breath taking.

Very active airspace so you definitely need to pay attention to the skies.

On an old military base so you have to check in with the guard and then wander to the DZ.

(Review ID:1803)

Perris Valley Skydiving

Skydive Perris Rated 3 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-11-02

Pros: Great DZ.commers met
Cons: Individual checking log books did not know USPA requirements for D license holders

Went to Perris to jump for the day. When getting signed in, they check your log book. The lady that checked myself and JmpnKramer in did not know that once you had a D license, you did not have to have the jumps signed and kept insisting that they had to be signed. Needs to be brought up to speed with USPA requirements for D license holders.
(Review ID:1155)


Skydive City - Z-Hills Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-07-28

Pros: large landing area, friendly people
Cons: Are there supposed to be any?

Spent 2 days jumping at ZHills in Jan. 2003. Had a blast. Huge landing area, friendly people. I'll definitely go back.
(Review ID:1001)

Deland - Jan. 2003

Skydive DeLand Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-07-28

Pros: Very safety conscious
Cons: multiple active run ways

I was very impressed with the safety conscious attitude at Deland. The first day I went there to jump, the winds were cranking. They put a hold on jumpers due to winds - you had to have 200 jumps (D license) to jump. That really impressed me. Wasn't comfortable with the multiple active runways.
(Review ID:1002)


Skydive Spaceland Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-07-28

Pros: large landing area, friendly people
Cons: initially hard to find DZ due to grass runway

During a break in the weather, I was able to get in a couple of jumps. The people were very friendly. Landing area is HUGE!! Outs on 3 of the 4 sides. Only difficulty to begin with is finding the DZ due to the grass runway.
(Review ID:1003)

Elsinore rocks!

Skydive Elsinore Rated 5 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-07-28

Pros: gorgeous scenery, 3 landing areas, great people
Cons: funky winds

The scenery is absolutely goregous. Mountains on 2 sides...lake on a third...nothing more beautiful than a sunset hop 'n' pop at full alti. People are very friendly and welcoming. It's great to have the student, swoopers and regular jumpers each having their own landing area. Only thing that was "strange" was the fact the winds would sometimes switch directions every load.
(Review ID:1004)

American Boogie 2003 fun

SkyDance SkyDiving Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-07-28

Pros: friendly people, large landing area, lots of outs, great place to do night jumps
Cons: gun club right next to landing area

People were very friendly. Lots of outs. They were very safety conscious when doing the night jumps and had an exceptionally well lit landing area (if you didn't have an off DZ landing - LOL). Only thing that was a bit freaky was having the gun club next to the landing area - you definitely made sure where you were landing.
(Review ID:1005)


Skydive Chicago Rated 4 by: ladyskydiver on 2003-07-28

Pros: large landing areas, friendly people, safety conscious
Cons: hmmm...?????

Had a competition meet at the DZ. People were very friendly and safety conscious.
(Review ID:1006)