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Large DZ facilities with a small DZ feel

Skydive Midwest Rated 5 by: JustForFun12 on 2012-07-04

Pros: Great dropzone and great people
Cons: None!

Great dropzone with a new building and a super fast kingair, that even has a sounds system! Awesome listening to some rock headed up to altitude. The people who work there are amazing too, always friendly and helpful and when they are not working, willing to go out for a jump. Which was nice for a solo fun jumper like me showing up to a new DZ when im passing thru, made me feel like one of their own. Rental gear is brand new, jump tickets are cheap, and regular free gear rentals days. what more could you ask for! oh yeah and its close to Chicago, so if your board at a meeting in the city like I was head on out!
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Pure tandum factory

Skydive Space Center Rated 3 by: JustForFun12 on 2012-05-28

Pros: Cool Surounding and 18k jumps
Cons: No fun jumpers pure tandum factory

Good location, cool that they are located near the space center. But showed up trying to do a few fun jumps cause it was close to the house. But in order to jump there you need a C license unless you were trained AFF there. I get there point with all the obstructions around the airport but seriously a C?!? The guy at the desk was mostly courteous and professional. They said they only had two loads going up that day all booked and no room for fun jumpers. so needless to say didn't get to jump.
(Review ID:7245)