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best DZ in Thailand or Asia

Freefall Thailand Rated 5 by: asaf on 2017-11-28

Pros: PAC750XL, 14000ft, WS friendly, nice staff
Cons: for me can't find (will describe later in review)

Thailand best place in the world. Beautiful country, nice people, cheap, good food, etc.
and now Thailand has FREEFALL THAILAND.

Best DZ in Asia with brand new fast PAC750XL. which bring you to 14000ft every load and with so amazing seaview. All DZ is about professionalism and safety from the moment you enter it and till you land from your jump.

i don't know about previous reviewer but for person with 500+ jumps landing area is enough and i have no difficulties to land.
Safety - first jump hop&pop, very detailed briefing, a lot of advices after landing. Perfect.

biggest plus it is WS friendly!!!

to get from BKK takes around 3hours, but it's not a big problem if you come for weekend or week as difference 1 hour is very small according to all experience you can have.

shower, wi-fi, cofe, food order, etc.... everything that you want.

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