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Average Rating : Average Rating = 1.00/5
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This place doesnít know how to treat people

Aeroklub Wroclaw Rated 1 by: HRY on 2017-09-30

Pros: Almost non
Cons: They donít respect people

2 weekís before I went we texted the dz manager and asked if I can come to make the exam and the license jump and I was told itís ok and confirmed I can do it in English. We texted the instructor examiner the night before I went, telling him that Iím not Polish and that I donít know English and I sent him the documents, then he told my girlfriend that itís ok to come, so I drove for 3 hours hoping to get my exam and license jump done. When I arrived and gave him my documents, he told me that I canít make the exam because I have to take authorization from the civil aviation authority. He called out dz manager and asked her and she said there is no such thing and that Iím not the first foreigner skydiver they had, my girlfriend talked to the Dz owner and lead instructor, he called him and told him the same and reminded him that I drove 3 hours for this. A few minutes later, the lead instructor examiner came to me with his manager (translator) and told me that I canít have the exam because I donít speak Polish and they canít translate, I told them that they were told on text both of them that I was a foreigner and that both of them acknowledged that. He said that he didnít read the text and for the second time asked me to leave because I canít have the exam. I told him that I can do the jump with him and the exam back at the dz without dz chief instructor or the manager and Iíll send it back or even on the phone with my girlfriend. He said no!!! I call again our dz manager and she said sheíll get right on the translation and send the exam back in English. I gave manifest my documents to input me in their system till the translation is complete. After one and half hours the documents werenít touched and no one added me on the system and again I was asked to come tomorrow because they canít do it today. I simply called the manager and asked her not to translate anything and came back to the Dz another 3 hours driving.
After going to Skydive Wroclaw for one day, seeing how they operate, their way of handling skydivers and their equipment. I can only say that itís the shittiest dropzone Iíve ever been on and even calling that place a skydiving center is an insult to the sport. If this place was the last place on earth to jump, Iím quitting the sport!

Never fuckin again!!!
I canít believe the world games was held here, impossible to imagine!!!

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