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An extremely well run and resourced drop zone, perfect place to begin and develop as a skydiver

The Freefall University Rated 5 by: imjohnyoung on 2016-09-17

Pros: Friendly, open, welcoming, experienced staff with good resources and excellent instruction
Cons: I don't live there

Having found FFU online, I did a bit of research and decided this was the place for me to go for my first jumps and AFF course. I decided shortly after arrival that I had made the right choice, and will continue to return whenever possible for as long as it's there.

The staff are extremely friendly and provide a relaxed atmosphere which helps put students (who are naturally nervous) at ease and ensures a good learning environment. Their level of professionalism inspires confidence and the approachable nature makes sure students are happy to ask questions where needed, so that they never go wanting, or feel ill informed about the task at hand.

A well resourced drop zone, with staff and equipment in plentiful supply, and being blessed with excellent jumping weather most of the year round, this is the ideal place to go and learn how to jump out of planes.

After an informative ground school, covering both the theory and practical elements of skydiving, students are quickly able to get up in the sky, and can progress through the AFF levels in a few short days, and with consolidation jumps, it's possible to achieve an A licence in a week or so. This quick turnaround allows students to grow in confidence and experience very fast, but they are still kept under the watchful eyes of the instructors who will give hints and advice over coffees and chats while hanging out in the sunshine.

Once the initial training is complete, there is a clear progression laid out by the school, with students able to attend packing courses, canopy handling courses, jump master and formation skydiving courses. All designed to give a constructive progression for students heading towards their B licence. They are also able to do fun jumps in this time, if they want to practice their skills on their own, or just go for a giggle.

For experienced fliers, there is further progression into free fly, wings it and tracking courses, so you can continue to learn and develop under the same instructors.

The drop zone itself, as previously mentioned, provides a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With people coming and going at different times, and at different stages in their skydiving journey, you very quickly make alot of new friends. Many of these will be there on return trips, and you will meet them at other drop zones, so it welcomes you not only to Ocaņa, but opens the door to the skydiving community as a whole.

I've been there a couple of times now. My first week long trip, turned into just over a month... And having just come back from my second, I am planning my third.

Ocaņa is a wonderful place. I look forward to spending alot of time there in the future.

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