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AFF Student

Gold Coast Skydivers Rated 5 by: madbomber39465 on 2015-04-06

Pros: Great staff, great location, very safety conscious and friendly!
Cons: None so far.

I decided to check out Gold Coast Skydivers since it is close to my home, about 25 minutes away. I first contacted the staff through Facebook and they pointed me in the right direction. I made an appointment for the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program and showed up at the appointed time. Brian was our first instructor of the day. He was both knowledgeable and patient with us (there were 3 AFF students that morning). Brian walked us through the class material and ensured that all of our questions were fully answered. Once we completed our classroom instruction and practical exercises, Phil took over and walked us through aircraft procedures and safety. He walked us through a proper aircraft exit and reiterated safety and cut away procedures. After we reviewed all of the material, Karen took over and did a last second check to ensure that each of us understood instructor hand signals, proper arching, safety, and cut away procedures. Once Karen was satisfied, we were ready to go. Phil and Eric were the two instructors that jumped with me. Both were friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and had a sense of humor. I felt very safe in their hands. We boarded the aircraft, Phil walked me through various procedures, and once we reached altitude, I took up my position and exited the aircraft. Both Phil and Eric were by my side, constantly giving me instruction and feedback. Once on the ground (I ended up in the cow pasture across from the airfield), Phil came and got me and we walked back to the building. The three of us reviewed my jump from start to finish and I was cleared for Level II. All in all, it was a very positive experience. The entire staff is welcoming, the atmosphere is fun, and I really enjoyed the entire day. I will be heading back this weekend to continue with the program!
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