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Not good for students

Skydive Arizona Rated 2 by: lradaz on 2014-05-21

Pros: Great equipment, very efficient
Cons: Disinterested instructors. Too busy with tandems

This is no doubt a great drop zone for EXPERIENCED skydivers. Great aircraft and great facilities. Scenery is just plain ugly however.

If you are an individual looking to get in to skydiving, this is not the place. I did 3 AFF jumps before moving on to another school. My instructors could not have been more disinterested in my development. It was clearly a job they were completely burnt out on. After each jump the instructor needed to immediately get on to the next tandem jump as this is a tandem factory. No time to spend debriefing students. Also, they mysteriously will not let you have access to your logbook. I found out later this is because they don't actually fill it out until later when they get time. If you ever request access to it be prepared for a huge run around.

Come here to jump after you have your A license. Go somewhere else if you want personalized instruction from instructors who actually still enjoy the sport.

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