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Fairly easily accessed DZ, but not many options in Asia.

Thai Sky Adventures Rated 5 by: wstcstcmtr on 2014-04-05

Pros: Knowlegable, kind, and supportive instructors
Cons: I don't live in Thailand

People have complained about tandems and sure they do as many tandems as they can... that is what is going to pay for the place to stay open. I get that. They can take 8 jumpers, that mean 2 tandems and video, which means to fun jumpers can get on every load, minimum. But you have to speak up! The atmosphere was comfortable and was very inclusive from the beginning. I think where the complainers go wrong is they are not proactive at the DZ, they are not ready for loads and do not speak up to get on the board... they want everything to be done for them. All the instructors know what's going on and are super experienced, Jonny, Troy and Slava are good guys, but huge respect for Jonny Guru, the place wouldn't be what it is if he wasn't there.
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