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The friendliest dz I' have been.

Skydive City - Z-Hills Rated 5 by: flyngrudy18 on 2013-12-20

Pros: Friendliness, planes, swoop pound, facilities.
Cons: Food service is limited, very hot and humid summer time.

When I' say the friendliest dz I've been we have to consider that I' was lucky to travel all around the USA and Italy, visiting the local dz and my home dz is Skydive Sebastian which is famous to be friendly, but, Z-Hills take the friendliness to the next level.
I' was there in may, a nice sunny and hot weekend and was simply nice.
The first jump was an 8-way - 4 points worth for my C Licence, than we had hoola-hoop jump, some 4 way and a little free-fly, than I' become a Muff Brother, a local tradition, which has a long history.
I' met a woman, which I' cannot remember her name, which look at me, wearing my Tonfly jumpsuit and another guy, and she took us head-down with her, what can I' say more?
Technically speaking, they run an Otter in summer, and up to 3 planes in cold season,
they have good packers, gear store, rigging service, swoop pound and a good bar to have a beer after jumping.
The only cons is the limited food service and the high humidity during the summer.
I' do raccomand it? YES>

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