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A really nice dropzone, located just below the Atlas Mountains, you can really enjoy the view while

Beni Mellal Rated 5 by: Alfasatwi on 2013-12-15

Pros: Friendly staff, professional instructors, equipped, you can see them smile all the time.
Cons: Non that I can think of.

I went there with a friend of mine, since it is the nearest location for me to have an AFF course, because of the lack in dropzones in Libya.

We stayed in a small, quiet, clean, and nice hotel called Les Bellas Terrasse, where it was close to both the city and the drop zone.

We were the first jumpers of the season, since the season of skydiving in Beni-Mellal starts at the 29th of November, and even though there were only 3 students at that week, they didn't turn us down, and we had a VIP treatment, as they turned the plane for just 3 students, the instructors were more than experienced, and helpful, they gave us every piece of information we needed, always insisting that if we had a question we shouldn't hesitate. Our ground instructor "Drese" was Moroccan who spoke Arabic, English and French. While the other three instructors, "Pierre" my instructor, "Fabian", and "Regice" were French, but we had no problems dealing with them as they speak English well. They were very experienced, and helpful, never treated us like there is a difference in experience.

I would really revisit Beni-Mellal in my next vacation, just to skydive with these great guys.
Overall, I would really recommend this dropzone to anyone who wants to start his/her skydiving experience.

Blue Skies,

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