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This facilitated a life changing event.

Skydive Hawaii Rated 5 by: skydive73 on 2013-07-08

Pros: Very calm, easy going, reassuring vibe from all instructors.
Cons: My own nervousness.

I wonder if those people who wrote negative reviews even enjoy jumping anymore? I mean, yes, the facility is a bit rustic, but who cares? It is a very relaxed atmosphere full of warm aloha from everyone. There's no pretense. No one is being disingenuous. If an instructor wants to talk to you, they will. Otherwise, it's pretty much the norm to walk around them and leave them alone so they can repack their chutes. I have spent thousands of dollars on psychotherapy to help me get over some personal issues. I have to thank Skydive Hawaii for being available to provide me some unconventional therapy in a controlled atmosphere. Did I feel safe? Yes, but that still didn't quell that feeling in my stomach before my very first jump. Was there a wait? Yes. The instructors take their time (as they well should) with each student and they focus their attention on their student. Even if I were to visit another dropzone (and I full intend to!) with pristine facilities and instructors that feed me insincere dialogue... it wouldn't change my experience with SkyDive Hawaii. What these folks do is nothing short of lifechanging and the do it in a professional and controlled manner. Thank you to my instructor Jake and my videographer Butters for helping me push past my own fears. You rock.
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