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Just a great DZ!

Skydive San Marcos Rated 5 by: puppystomper on 2013-06-30

Pros: Staff, Facilities, Cost, Gear
Cons: None

The first day I was here for ground school/AFF 1 training, I was a bit apprehensive. That lasted about eight minutes. I spent over a month researching different DZs in the area before deciding on SSM and am so glad I did. The training was great, the staff a great mix of fun and professional, the location beautiful and my first square canopy jump was incredible. I stayed in the bunkhouse for ten dollars(!) a night, but before I could settle in after operations were over for the day a staff member put a beer in my hand and made me feel like I'd known these folks for years. They had no problems taking in a newbie and answering all my questions, even though I know they'd answered the same ones hundred of times before. After grilling, beers, stories, mini lessons, jokes and swimming I knew I'd made the right decision in choosing SSM.
The next few days were much the same. I already knew I was hooked and the riggers there were great in checking out a rig I was looking at, explained why it was wrong for me and then proceeding to find gear more appropriate to my needs for less money than I was ready to spend! Professionalism at it's finest.
Fast forward two weeks and I'm one jump away from my A license (damn rain) and I now have a new family. I brought a friend out for his first jump and he ended up staying for three days and echos my thoughts exactly. Tandem jumpers leave smiling, fun jumpers the same. I totally understand now what they said to me the first day of AFF... "We don't train skydivers here. We train instructors".

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