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Not as bad as it once was...

Vegas Extreme Skydiving Rated 4 by: demoknite on 2013-04-13

Pros: Most convenient DZ to metro Las Vegas
Cons: No "Scene", no grassy landing area

The place gets a reputation for not being fun jumper friendly. This is not entirely true.
While you can turn up and jump, you probably wont have anyone to jump with and there wont be lots of fun jumpers dirt diving and shooting the breeze between loads. It is a tandem mill plain and simple (one of the most efficient I have ever seen BTW). If you turn up with some friends (2-3 max) and do your own organizing and make yourselves unobtrusive you could probably do two or three in a day.

If more fun jumpers (especially local ones) were turning up regularly they wouldnt be turned away and that "scene" perhaps could be created.

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