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Reviews for: Gold Coast Skydivers - (Visit this link)
Average Rating = 4.96/5 Average Rating : 4.96/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.96/5
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This place is great!

Gold Coast Skydivers Rated 5 by: BoostedXT on 2003-12-01

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

I recently made the drive from Atlanta to Gold Coast and I must say this is one awesome DZ. I had done some tandems before and was interested in AFF. The instructors are amazing. Very patient, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. The people over there were awesome too. Friendly to the point where I had no problem walking up to someone and asking questions, or them walking up to me and saying hey, and a friendly welcome to Gold Coast. I did some AFF levels there, and though it looks like I cant finish it up there I will definitly be back to soon. I made some great friends while there.

(Review ID:1218)

I'm hooked

Gold Coast Skydivers Rated 5 by: Joygoose on 2003-06-10

Pros: Very friendly, clean atmosphere
Cons: none

This is a cool little place to hang out. My boyfriend and I had our first jump here, but not our last!
(Review ID:908)

Great time, first time, comfortable time!

Gold Coast Skydivers Rated 5 by: faith3577 on 2003-02-24

Pros: Great, friendly, family type people.
Cons: Cons? They all looked legit to me!

I knew I had run into a great DZ when I first got there. I had purchased a smaller canopy at a DZ in Florida, but it was crazy, and unorganized there, so I would not try it out. I got to Trent Lott, signed in, and was greeted by a bunch of great people. I felt so comfortabe that I jumped my downsized canopy all that day. I was just passing through but could not wait to return. I heard about their Mardi Gras boogie coming up, and made plans to return right then and there. Every one made me feel at home! Mike has a great staff and an awesome family of jumpers. My home DZ is Cleveland Parachute Center, home of the Good Time Boogie, BUT I now consider Moss Point my second home(away from home) DZ. Thanks Mike and all your people. Sorry I have a bad memory for names, but I have a great memory for great times & places! BLUE SKIES!!
Frank. aka:Toolbox

(Review ID:775)

Gold Coast Skydivers Rated 5 by: ffwant2b on 2002-03-01

Great DZ, the facilities are outstanding, good mix of friendly people, good covered packing area and deck, and the nicest clean bathrooms, The DZ even provides fresh towels, wash cloths, shampoo you name it, comes in handy when you stagger hung over to the shower and realize you forgot the shampoo, Iím not implying that there was any partying going on. The twin Otter with the sound system was way cool.
(Review ID:369)

Gold Coast Skydivers ROCKS

Gold Coast Skydivers Rated 5 by: SkydiverDebora on 2001-04-09

I may have graduated from another drop zone, but I really learned how to skydive at Gold Coast Skydivers. The staff is beyond belief when it comes to patience, attention to individual needs, equipment, staff and experience, friendliness and a clean drop zone. You have got to visit Gold Coast Skydivers when you are in the area and if you are looking for a dropzone to teach you how to skydive, this is it! If you are looking for a dropzone to become part of the family, this is it! If you are looking for a dropzone to share your knowledge with, this is it! Thanks to Mike Igo and his entire staff at Gold Coast Skydivers! Continued success and Blue Skies!
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