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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.57/5
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next to Atlas, comfortable temperatures in January

Beni Mellal Rated 5 by: caya on 2014-02-01

Pros: Very freindly, full service, good equipped
Cons: nothing I can say

I have been there the first time for one week in january and I have to say I will return.

Even if you don't speak french they will welcome you very friendly and warm-hearted and will tell you everthing important in english. If there is someone not speaking english he will try to explain you in defferent ways or they find someone to translate. They have full services there included packing, very good food (with tea, fruits, lunch in Moroccain cusine, soft drinks for 7/day), load organization, large and sheltered packing area, 2 Porter. They booked a hotel for us next to the dropezone for 29 with breakfast and dinner with very friendly personal and good rooms. Even if there not so much skydivers in this one week we were getting to jump every jumpables day.

I would like to thankyou Omar and his whole team for this wonderful stay at their dropezone.

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Beautiful site, well equipped, professional handling

Beni Mellal Rated 5 by: elreg on 2014-01-17

Pros: Superb Moroccan friendliness and site
Cons: A bit faraway and austere...

I have been there three times in winter (2011 to 2013), for a week or so. The team is a mix Moroccan-French, operating under French Federation regulations. All very friendly. The drop zone package goes with the hotel in town (reasonable rates, some 30 euros per day with breakfast and dinner included), lunch on the spot (traditional Moroccan cuisine at 6 euros per day), ferry to and fro for 2 euros per day. People come here to jump, period, which means everyone from breakfast to last drink is fully devoted to skydiving. In practice, you depart the hotel at 0800 and come back at 1900-2000, after a busy day at the DZ.
With two Pilatus, there is no wait, I have done up to ten jumps in a day. There are good coaches but people who want to do RW should mostly expect to self-coach.
The packing area is large enough (and sheltered), the landing zone comfy (grass), lunch is fun, weather fantastic, and the people on and off the DZ are wonderful and welcoming. There is a large assortment of rigs for rent and the packers (all locals) are very professional (though I never use one).
Great zone to do an AFF, or for a team to log lots of jumps. The area is not the most touristic of the country by far. Basically, people come here very focused on jumping and nothing else.

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A really nice dropzone, located just below the Atlas Mountains, you can really enjoy the view while

Beni Mellal Rated 5 by: Alfasatwi on 2013-12-15

Pros: Friendly staff, professional instructors, equipped, you can see them smile all the time.
Cons: Non that I can think of.

I went there with a friend of mine, since it is the nearest location for me to have an AFF course, because of the lack in dropzones in Libya.

We stayed in a small, quiet, clean, and nice hotel called Les Bellas Terrasse, where it was close to both the city and the drop zone.

We were the first jumpers of the season, since the season of skydiving in Beni-Mellal starts at the 29th of November, and even though there were only 3 students at that week, they didn't turn us down, and we had a VIP treatment, as they turned the plane for just 3 students, the instructors were more than experienced, and helpful, they gave us every piece of information we needed, always insisting that if we had a question we shouldn't hesitate. Our ground instructor "Drese" was Moroccan who spoke Arabic, English and French. While the other three instructors, "Pierre" my instructor, "Fabian", and "Regice" were French, but we had no problems dealing with them as they speak English well. They were very experienced, and helpful, never treated us like there is a difference in experience.

I would really revisit Beni-Mellal in my next vacation, just to skydive with these great guys.
Overall, I would really recommend this dropzone to anyone who wants to start his/her skydiving experience.

Blue Skies,

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My first DZ ever visited in Africa

Beni Mellal Rated 5 by: just_sky on 2013-01-05

Pros: An extremely friendly atmosphere, good food, excellent accommodations nearby, and very fast planes
Cons: No

My wife and me we spent 5 days at this DZ. I believe that this DZ has a great potential, but currently is undervalued by skydiving community (mainly due to a lack of proper advertisement). I think, this is a good point to be considered by the DZ's management.
There is a number of hotels around the DZ, but most of them are quite cheap and don't offer any descent services. We booked a room at the hotel which was recommended by DZ staff and we weren't disappointed. This is a good 4 stars hotel with a beautiful swimming pool and spacious rooms. The DZ has a special deal with the hotel, so there's a special rate they charge skydivers.
The DZ operates two Pilatus Porters. While climbing the local pilots usually do a flight over the Atlas mountains, so you can enjoy a gorgeous and picturesque view.
In a nutshell, I would recommend this DZ to everyone, who wants to spend a great time with his friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Those people over there really do their best and work hard in order to make your experience at their DZ unforgettable.
This destination is already in my "must visit again" list for the next year.
Finally, I'd definitely disagree with previous reviews where people blamed the DZ staff for paying little attention to foreigners. Although basic French skills would make your life much easier in Morocco, people who didn't speak any French were always equally treated and no one considered anyone's nationality when planning loads.

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Beni Mellal Rated 4 by: stefomaroc on 2009-02-16

Pros: x
Cons: x

Be sure that spanish or french or other have the same treatment.....
If you come when special teams are here, they have the priority.....
Students also have priority.......
when both are there, not easy to get a place....
Perhaps give a call before come as they can add an aircraft if too much peoples are there....
Anyway, for me, it was a marvelous place with very friendly and professional peoples...

Up to 10 jumps a day, and I could have done more if wanted.....

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Official point of view

Beni Mellal Rated 3 by: pacma on 2007-08-13

Pros: Definitely good vibes
Cons: Load organisation

In fact, Willy is absolutely right for that special week end, and I thank him for he's sincere review which will help us improve for next year operations.
For that, every one who is coming to Morocco just drop an e-mail so we can figure out how many people will be present and bring an additional plane if necessary.

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Beautiful place and local people, lots of jumps in one week

Beni Mellal Rated 5 by: willyramos on 2007-04-05

Pros: ALL imrpovements
Cons: none this time

After my first visit in 2007, you can read that review below, I founded this place 3 years after like MY HOME.

From the very first contact we have the best relation you can ever have with DZs.

Arriving to the airport with two mini-buses for 18 people, nice and warm welcome by local people, local DZ Manager in the hotel for welcome, nice hotel, cheap and very very good conditions over there, nice swiming pool, buffet for breakfast... amazing

In the DZ everything as smooth and very good orginized, we made 7-8 jumps per day, great extra altitude in each jump and 5000 meters in sunsets, very pro pilots and managers over there

Very very very nice place to go, I'm sure we will be back next year

Thanks everyone!!!

life is good, always ;-)
willy and spaniards team

2007 Review
We went there for a weekend of jumping from Spain, the organization of picking up people from any airport, accommodation, services, installations, planes, views from altitude, everything amazing...

But, organization in manifest was completely a mess, because we are not French we can only make 3-4 jumps each day in a day with 28 loads...even premanifesting, even manifested, they changed us many times, give priority in every load for French people, so it is not the best place to go and jump a lot...

We gave our papers to manifest always with free slots in loads after and the answer was always the same "I hace to see it", what you have to see if you have free slots in the next plane and in the planes after the next??, sorry but I do not understand how you work over there.

If you want to enjoy Morocco people and have fun around and then make 3-4 jumps in a day then go ahead, if you plan to spend two full days jumping, this is not your place, unlees you are french.

Where I use to jump, in a day with 28 loads any of us can make more than 10 paking fast.. not 3-4 because you have to see it...

Thanks a lot to Razid, best man over there!!

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