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Better place for the more experienced and tandem jumps.

Skydive Suffolk Training Center Rated 2 by: Tom1985 on 2011-08-27

Pros: Great looking plane
Cons: Disorganized Staff, especially AFF instructors. Stubborn owner. Not enough chairs in the classrooms. Very informal cla

I didn't have a great experience with this place.

I tried to do a first timer AFF jump. I found them very disorganized as to when the classroom course would be taught. They told me at the last minute when to go.

I did the AFF classroom but wasn't able to jump because the weather. They said call back the next day. I called the next day when the weather was good but they had no AFF instructors to do the jump in the morning. I was in town for business and had to leave that afternoon.

They refunded me everything but $50 claiming I had to pay for the classroom portion and that I could take their little book to any other skydive place and do my first dive. The places I called where I would be would require me to do the whole classroom portion over for liability reasons. I explained this to Larry the owner of Suffolk Skydive and he still refused to refund the $50. I disputed it with my credit card company and got my back.

I liked the looks of the plane and the staff. The AFF classroom instruction was too informal for me. They taught you how not to die but did simply quizzed us orally as a group on the written AFF test. They didn't have enough chairs. Maybe that's what Larry wanted to keep my $50 for???

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