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Skydive Hollister will always be my home DZ at heart.

Skydive Hollister Rated 4 by: deltagearinc on 2010-08-25

Pros: AMAZING staff, very cool vibe, and lots of fun.
Cons: Blocks of jumps are pricy, off-site landing area, primarily weekend jumping, and small plane.

Hollister Airport, 45 miles south of San Jose is home to best staff and group of fun jumpers in all of California. Skydive Hollister is notorious for their off-site landing area, "420-up" Cypress setting, and short bus ride back to the DZ for all the "special kids". Gear sales include altimeters, eye wear, apparel, and used canopies & containers. You can jump during the week with an appointment, or jump all day on the weekends. While other DZs in the area close early, Skydive Hollister lets you enjoy beautiful sunset loads.

Skydive Hollister takes customer service to the next level. Their staff is skilled, friendly, talented, safe, and fun. You'll find AMAZING cameramen with the skills of skygods, but without the ego and attitude. Frequently on weekends, after a long day of jumping, you will find BBQ and beer (courtesy of first timers = "case of beer"...only the good stuff / no canned beer). Whether you're a first time tandem, AFF student, or experienced fun jumper, there's a place for you at Skydive Hollister.

Skydive Hollister has a PAK, which will take you to 13.5k. The PAK is slower to altitude but descends quickly and can cycle loads just as fast as other planes over a course of a day. The facilities are cozy and spacious, and good music always sets a cool vibe. Wireless internet is available if you ask nicely for the password. Sleeping accommodations include a bunk house, plenty of couches, or you can camp on the lawn. Prices are average for an experience with an above average staff. If blocks of jumps weren't such a big investment, I would call Skydive Hollister home in a heartbeat... but it will always be my home DZ at heart.

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