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An amazing DZ that has something for everyone

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: Seebs112 on 2009-05-18

Pros: Lots of jumpers from different disciplines, great staff, great plane
Cons: nothing that is significant

Having only jumped at 4 different DZ's my knowledge is a little bit limited but I am absolutely in love with the farm.

At first I was weary to jump there as my home DZ WAS a different one in GA. After making my second visit to the farm I can assuredly say that I have found a skydiving family I hope is willing to keep me.

I am a belly flier and although there are a ton of free fliers there, the belly fliers are in no shortage. I met up with the people around and did some very fun and interesting jumps. The people there made me feel welcome and at home. Ultimately it was they who made me want to go back more than anything.

Hans is amazing and loves the sport which makes him easy to deal with and also a lot of fun. The after hours vibe is a ton of fun and one that made a lasting impression on not only me but my whuffo friend who came out one night just to hang out.

Overall, this place has everything one could ever need in a skydiving home. Chuting Star is located on premise, the packing area is huge, the landing area is nice and big, and the people are phenomenal.

I can happily say that The Farm will be my new skydiving home and I have found everything I was looking for.

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