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Didn't even manage to jump

Skydive Castellon Rated 1 by: CornishChris on 2008-05-22

Pros: By sea
Cons: Read review

It is pretty hard to rate a DZ that you haven't even jumped at. I picked a location in Spain for a holiday close to a different DZ from my usual haunt (Empuria). They seemingly jumped every day. I e-mailed them a few times to ask about some Free Fly coaching and got no response. Eventually I got an e-mail just before I left saying they were jumping on the Thursday and Friday that week. I rocked up at just before nine on the Thursday. Firstly it was hard to work out where to go as there was not a sign in sight. Nor was there a single person or even any aircraft that I could see. I wandered around for about 15 minutes and eventually bumped into two guys. They were friendly enough when I approached them - I asked if they were jumping and they said 'at the weekend' - I said, what about the students you were meant to have today and got a simple shrug. I then left somewhat downhearted.

All in all a major disappointment to not even get a single jump in (Saturday it rained and so I didn't even bother). I wouldn't mind if I hadn't expected more.

The location would be awesome to jump with beach landings but as I will never return I will never get to see it from the air.

Just goes to show that you really can't beat Empuria Brava for your fully rounded skydiving experience...

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