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Niagara Skydiving Is Canada's Hidden Gem

Niagara Skydive Center Inc. Rated 5 by: SonicTattoo on 2005-05-30

Pros: It's a 100% modern skydiving facility with everything you need.
Cons: Something there's bad weather, Oh wait that happens everywhere, nevermind then.

I think Niagara Skydive is the best Dropzone I jumped at in my ten years in the sport and the facilities a A-1. After all who wants to go to a dropzone where the manifest is a rundown shack or trailer and a beat up barn or falling apart building is your packing area. Mordern makes the difference when your paying good money to skydive and Niagara Skydive has it all. I have known Tim Grech the DZO for some years now and he has always been fair and professional. The big plus about meeting Tim when you decide to come to Niagara Skydive is that Tim has been on the C.S.P.A. (Canadian Sport Parachute Association)board for as long as I can remember. I don't you can go wrong with that kind dedication and professionalism when you decide to come to Niagara Skydive.
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