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Very small DZ with a group of skydiving friends that run a friendly DZ and teach people to skydive.

Flying Tiger Sport Parachuting Center Rated 3 by: BlackDagger2 on 2004-10-06

Pros: Good People and Great Location
Cons: Small Planes and Limited facilities

If you are hooked on big planes and big formations, this is not going to be your DZ. If you are in the area and looking to make a few jumps with good people and younger jumpers eager to learn then you will not find much better. The airport is in the upper left corner of SC. That means moutian views and lakes at the start of the Blue Ridge. Jim and the crew spend most of their weekends teaching students (Mostly from Clemson University) to jump and just enjoying the day. I had my first cut away there 8 years ago on jump number 120 and had a nice out to land in, and a ride waiting by the time I could pick up my free bag that landed 100yds away.(Pin Lock)I have run into Jims students at Skydive Atlanta, Cross Keys, and the home DZ at Raeford.
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