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Average Rating = 4.85/5 Average Rating : 4.85/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.85/5
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Mellow nice place

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: bkoch on 2004-12-13

Pros: Absolute Best Bay Area Weather
Cons: 10 minute van ride from landing area

I started jumping again after some time away from the sport and chose Hollister to jump at for how close it is to where I live (just 45 minutes south of San Jose). What I have found is a great dropzone with really friendly people. It has some of the best scenery that Northern California offers, the Monterey Bay, the coastal range, the Sierras.
Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for me is the great weather. Nothing could ruin my mood more than an hour or two drive to a dropzone that it is too windy or foggy to jump at. At Hollister, if the weather in California is halfway decent, you can bet they are jumping in Hollister. I have never been winded out at Hollister...The weather at the landing area is in a nice little microclimate that keeps jumpers quite happy. I would bet Hollister has the most jumpable days a year of any Northern California dropzone.

There is a comfortable vibe at Hollister. Not a lot of egos or cliques as far as I can see...
It is a great place to jump. Check it out if you're ever in NorCal.

(Review ID:1979)

Hollister is what a DZ should be: friendly, fun folks with a fast plane that goes to full altitude

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: skyshark6 on 2004-08-22

Pros: Always go to 15,000 feet; Great, friendly vibe; FAST King Air; RWs and Freefliers; weather is ALWAYS good
Cons: Landing area is 8 miles from DZ

I switched to Hollister as my "home DZ" four years ago when Skydive Monterey Bay drove all the upjumpers away with tandem-factory business practices. (don't you just hate it when DZO's lock the place up once the tandems are done and then drive everone off an hour before sunset?)
Hollister is the exact opposite. They do a great job with tandems, but are also a very up-jumper friendly with a good crowd of 60+ regular jumpers who like to hang out after sunset to drink beer and BBQ. The vibe there is the best that I have ever encountered at a DZ. I've only been weathered-out at hollister one day in the five years that i have jumped there. The King Air is FAST and always goes to 15,000 ft, the highest in the area.
The only issue is that the landing area is a 10-minute van ride away (and at a different elevation). Some people view this as a detractor, but it actually is pretty cool to get a chance to hang out for 10 minutes with your fellow skydivers and get to know them. Even with the van ride, you can still get 9 jumps in a day during the summer months.

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Hollister is great

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: gian on 2003-09-22

Pros: Great people, great plane (10 -18 K), huge landing area, no rush and hussles
Cons: None

Definitely a great place for skydivers of any experience. The staff is superb and all the people friendly and open to help and jump with everyone. The king Air is beautiful and you can get 15k or 18k. The landing area is huge, perfect for students, and if you are more experienced it gives you plenty of room to try something more without fighting for your landing pattern. Closed carpeted repacking area that makes fighting with your ZP a little bit less sweaty. And after skydiving you better stay for BBQs and more .... Come over you're gonna like it ;)
(Review ID:1093)

Great jump at Hollister

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: loon on 2003-04-29

Pros: it's 18'000 feet, it's cheap, professional & friendly instructors
Cons: It's in Hollister & miles away from civilisation

Having just come back off holiday from California, I live in the U.K, I'd just like to take this oppurtunity to say Adventure skydiving center made me feel very welcome & I shall definatly be going back there next year to complete my AFF. Despite the center being off the beaten path, there is a fantastic RV campsite just 5 minutes away, & the instructors make you feel very welcome in their bar once the day is done. Hope this is of some use to somebody, safe skies, Loon
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Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: jsaxton on 2002-06-10

Jumped there for the first time today. Super King Air that can really climb! They put up loads of up-jumpers with only 9 jumpers. Hugh landing area 450' above the airport (set your AADs and alti's accordingly). Cool little muni airport, coffee shop right next to the hanger. Indoor bathrooms at the coffee shop. No shopwers looked like no camping. Limited indoor packing area (~6 people at a time). One nice thing is that you can just leave your credit card with manifest, and they will bill you at the end of the day like a bar tab. People were friendly and I had no problem finding someone to jump with.
(Review ID:450)

Good freindly drop zone

Skydive Hollister Rated 5 by: Garycal on 2001-03-21

I did my first tandem there i found the instructers very frendly and compadant. I took my aff training there they are very safety minded I would recommend to my frends
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