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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.92/5
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1st time at The Farm

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: bdbrown on 2004-08-02

Pros: huge landing area, great friendly people, cool plane
Cons: none noted

Jumped The Farm for the 1st tme Sunday and can say this is a top notch DZ...
With acres of landing area even people like me can make it to the ground...
The staff is great and willing to help you in any manner you need.....The people diving here are the greatest, even if you are a low timer there are people here who would love to dive with you.....The folks here are just as friendly as on any DZ..
If you are looking for a no pressure, kick your feet up and have fun DZ, The Farm is it...
P.S> can't beat the price either

(Review ID:1695)

A beautiful, friendly and fairly priced drop zone.

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: lanntair on 2004-07-12

Pros: Integrity, Price, New Equipment, Size.
Cons: Not as well known...yet.

I'm from the North Georgia area, and I engaged in some pretty in depth research to try to find the best dropzone to complete my AFF certification before eventually deciding on The Farm.

When I called Hans, who operates The Farm, he was very friendly and "welcoming," which is not something I felt from every place I called. I asked Hans up front why prices were so low compared to the other dropzone in that area, and he simply said he felt that some other drop zones charged too much, and that some skydivers had been taken advantage of. They founded the The Farm because they want to do business in a way that takes care of skydivers and complements the sport.

To be honest, I was a little concerned at first about the equipment available at such a new and reasonably priced drop zone. When I arrived, those concerns were immediately relieved: state of the art rigs across the board, a huge recently constructed hangar, and an immaculate Caravan aircraft, with other aircraft available as needed. An Otter is also possibly on the way. The range of their rig inventory is impressive, with the ability to legally accommodate a very wide range of jumpers of all sizes and skill levels (I'm a 230 lb. beginner). Again, this is not something all drop zones do.

The landing field is tremendous, flat, neatly mowed, and soft. It is impossible (even for me) not to pick up this drop zone immediately from the air, and there are two large natural ponds on the property that swoopers can raid. A mobile restaurant also is on site, and they're building out brand new shower and bath house facilities. Overall, the whole place is just beautiful.

Even more important for me than the equipment and facilities were the people. And from the management to the packers and the other skydivers, every single person I met acted genuinely happy to see me when I arrived, and throughout the weekend, they offered friendly tips and encouragement, which I soaked up as a first timer. There were no unexpected charges from The Farm (other than a credit card surcharge of 4%), and everything from the instructor to the aircraft to the equipment was exactly as had been represented on the phone. All of these factors made the atmosphere of this drop zone feel safe and welcoming, like you were surrounded by good people who appreciated you.

Finally, the instructors were all thorough, motivated, patient and had thousands and thousands of jumps, which was important to me. Several instructors (other than mine) pitched in to help me with technique while waiting for another jump.

I also researched another drop zone in the same vicinity. Other skydivers I've spoken with have relayed negative experiences about business practices with this drop zone, practices that have since been confirmed to me by actual former employees. Although I do not have a personal experience with this other business, given the proximity of The Farm, the integrity of its management, its state of the art equipment and facilities, superior natural assets and, of course, fairer pricing, I have no reason to give my business to any other drop zone in the immediate area.

If you're coming from Atlanta, West Georgia, or East Alabama, I'd recommend giving Skydive The Farm a try. You won't be disappointed.

(Review ID:1607)

Great place to jump

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: Awarzone on 2004-07-06

Pros: Price! Big landing area, nice packing area
Cons: Shuttle to plane slows load turning, only open on weekends

If you are looking to get 20 jumps in a day the farm is probably not the place for you but if you want to get 5-10 jumps and only pay 10-14 bucks to jump at 14k the farm is the only place you can. Great people, great landing area, and at an unbeatable price! I went to the far with my dad for fathers day. He got his first tandem and I got my 100th jump with him. It was great. Even if you have to drive a little farther in the long run you will be saving more money on jumps then you are spending on gas and its well worth the trip. Just give it a try, you will love it!
(Review ID:1601)


Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: cbu377 on 2004-07-06

Pros: Nice people, swoop ponds, cheap prices
Cons: the shuttle to the plane

Highly recommended. Friendly staff and great landing areas. Only 14 bucks to 14,000. Keep up the nice work.
(Review ID:1625)

The place to go an enjoy

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: afrolow on 2004-06-26

Pros: All
Cons: None

The Farm is what all skydivers are looking for. Where they can get on the plane when they what to. No waiting around to see if the plane is going to fly.Nice people for all groups.can get up groups with on problems. VERY freindly atmosphere.I love it . You will too if you go out there. So lets meet there an have fun.
(Review ID:1602)

Looking for cheap jumps,WOW 14.00

Skydive The Farm Rated 4 by: chute007 on 2004-05-21

Pros: Big landing area, nice packing area,good place to camp
Cons: no store on site

I had heard alot of rumors about some drop zones competing with one another,so I decided to check both out.Well business is business,when it comes to money go where you can get more for your bucks.I had a great jump and a good grass landing.If your out to jump somewhere different then this is the place.On the ride up, just keep looking and you will find the landing area.Makes good for practicing landings.Good luck guys,I"LL BE BACK.
(Review ID:1537)

Best in Atlanta!

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: mollgriff on 2004-04-19

Pros: Wide Open Landing Area, Nice Relaxed Atmosphere
Cons: Not a single thing comes to mind

The Farm is great! Landing area is wide open (great for a newbie like me). Everyone out there is extremely nice, easy going, and willing to help with anything you need. And....definitely can't beat the price! Everyone should come out and do a jump - see for yourself why its the best!
(Review ID:1466)

The Farm Rocks!!!!

Skydive The Farm Rated 5 by: Chiquita on 2004-04-11

Pros: Great people, beautiful area, and awesome vibe
Cons: nothing that I can think of

I just visited this brand new dz and I must say it was awesome. It is on a private 55 acre property that has two nature ponds, several wide open plush grass landing areas. The people there were awesome and it has a great vibe. I think that once they are finished adding the classroms and such this will be the premiere drop zone in Georgia.

If you are in the area or even near by, stop by and do a few jumps you'll love it. If the nature beauty of the place, people or the vibe don't win you over I am sure the price will, $10/14 upjumpers and $129 for tandems, call the dz to find out more.

(Review ID:1448)
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