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Great place, family feel, and right outside of Grand Bend

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: Airik on 2009-08-17

Pros: Awesome people with a ton of experience
Cons: None that I can think of.

Just started the PFF with Bob and Mary Wright, the owners, and for my first jump I felt like I was in great hands. Answered all of my questions without hesitation, even when I kept asking.

The other reviews all got it right as well! Everything was awesome about it, and they're very safety conscious.

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High Quality DZ

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: Tzineghe on 2009-07-04

Pros: Location, Great Scenery
Cons: No cons

Confirming all the other reviews. This is definitely one of the best DZ's out there. You are guaranteed to feel at home.
Most recommended.
A +++++++++++++++++

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Still going strong.

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: FB1609 on 2009-03-01

Pros: Great Location, very profesional
Cons: Far from Toronto

I did my first AFF with Bob back in '83. He was the only one offering AFFs. I had done 7 static lines before that but wanted to do a freefall. I think I was the first AFF student in Canada. Bob was very safety conscious and professional. 25 years later and he is still teaching AFF, says something about his school. I would be willing to bet all of the thousands of students he has trained over the years would recomend his center.
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Great Place to learn and Progress

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: Armour on 2006-06-19

Pros: Professional detailed instruction, Well maintained gear, Great atmosphere
Cons: So many great people to jump with will make your cash flow shrink quickly buying all those jump tickets;)

What a great place! Every one really makes you feel welcomed there and the instruction safety and attention to details second to none. Bob and Mary Wright the owners are two great people. Their experiences, professionalism, opinions and honesty are something I definitely trust and the extra mile they go makes it by far worth it all.

1 C182 and 2 indoor carpet packing area one in the main building with another carpeted area in the Hanger. Lots of couches to for lounging around in. Couple of picnic tables out side and a gazebo. There are two landing areas both with windsocks and one hell of a great view on the ride up of Lake Huron Grand bend and surrounding farming communities.

Lots of things for non jumpers to do, with the Town of Grand Bend 5 minutes down the road, many beaches in the area, Driving range and Golf course near by. Camping at the DZ or at the Pinery Provincial Park 15 minutes away. Or several Inns located in the area. Lots of choice for food in town

Quite some time ago I did my introductory jump as it was the closes to where I live at the time. I recently had enough money and time to do my PFF so I gave a call the them and talked to Bob for quite a while on the phone the straight up answers and the time he spent really made me feel confident this was the place I wanted to continue to learn at (even though the number of timeís Iíve called and the pain in the ass I could be) Bob was always accommodating. Recently I went out there to pay for my PFF and ended up hanging out there on Saturday and meet some great people (Mat, Brian, Greg , Andrea , Butters)and ask some more information and really felt this was the right place for me (and worth the three hour drive from Toronto). This past few days I started my PFF course and did got in 7 jumps

Bob made arrangements to make these past few days great!! I took off Thursday and Friday from work and pitched a tent there to start my PFF course Having a single plane and many first jump students on the weekends I wanted to get in as many jumps as I could to really build and progress and Bob really helped make that happen. He arranged for pilots to come out Thursday and Friday. (Thanks to Ken and Ernie) on those two day I got 4 jumps done (Would have been more but the low cloud ceiling and winds picking up made the Friday a short jump day) Ken really gives you your moneys worth for the flight and Annís great to sheís one smooth flyer. Thursday I had PFF Level 1 jump done with two instructors thanks to Marry wearing 20lbs of weight (apparently due to my height weight and build I fall like a human brick) then the next 4 jumps were one on one with Bob who really detailed at the points that need to work on the progress well. Saturday was quite a busy day lots of great people around and 10 full loads up. Did two jumps with Mary and she makes it a lot of fun and really enjoyable. So in three day I completed 7 jumps of my PFF course and even jumped my own pack job! Thanks to some great packing instruction by Teresa their multi talented packer, manifester, phone answering Rigger (and to believe after all the she had enough time to catch some suntaning)

The people there are great and are really helpful and encouraging in helping you progress as a beginner. I canít wait to begin working on my ďAĒ and get some jumps in with Mat, Brian and Greg three great coaches there that are really infectious people to be around and have a good time with! This is going to be one expensive but fun summer !!!!

Blue Skys :)

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Great place to learn

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: berouge on 2004-09-03

Pros: Indepth instruction, small dz feel, close to a small town, good views
Cons: none

Great instructors and coaches, I did the complete PFF program and there was never a question i had that went ignored.

Incredibly knowledgable staff promoted safety at all times.

I'd reccomend grand bend spc to anyone regardless of the distance.

The family feeling that is from the small dz is a great bonus as well, lots of one on one attention is payed.

The DZ has a c182, bathrooms, showers, camping area and is close to grand bend and pinery provincial park if your interested in any of that.

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Come check it out!

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: JumpCrazy on 2004-08-18

Pros: Great place to learn, nice view.
Cons: 1 C182

I did my first jump at the Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center, and went through the PFF program there. Bob is one of the best teachers there is and his program at GBSPC is excellent. This dropzone is very friendly and has a nice small DZ feel. The views of Lake Huron at sunset are incredible.

When you aren't skydiving, Grand Bend is an exiting town to visit with cool bars, shops, and a nice beach. There is also a dragstrip and a microsprint track right beside the DZ.

Be sure to come check it out if you are in the area, or are looking for a place to do your first jump! See ya there!

(Review ID:1232)

a great DZ

Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Rated 5 by: tinfoil on 2003-12-07

Pros: great place to jump, great place to learn, great people to jump with
Cons: the weather at the beginning and end of the season

I am very impressed with this dropzone to say the least. Very comfortable and relaxed, it has that small town atmosphere.

It has many great coaches that want to see you improve and will help you any way they can. The other skydivers are friendly to everyone, and help you with the sport.

The DZO's have helped any way they can, they are an invaluable resource. And I have the highest respect for them, they are always thinking of the studentís safety. They are very accommodating, and really do a lot to make everything work smoothly.

For non skydivers one of Ontario's best party towns is less then 5 min away, Grand Bend.

At the time of this writing, the DZ did have a single C182 (with another aircraft in the works). But it doesnít seem to be that big of a problem, everyone works together so everyone has a good time.

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