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Kaunas Skydiving Club Rated 5 by: mantask on 2014-09-18

Pros: Everything you would imagine
Cons: I believe - none

As a student: I liked this place since the very first visit. Instructors are friendly, providing useful information. you can often hear Alot of foreign languages around - Latvian, Polish, Russian. And the whole dropzone has a very clear image when you look down from the sky - very good conditions for those newcomers :)
And I really like this plane L-410 :D

(Review ID:8654)

Kaunas Skydiving Club (Pociunai)

Kaunas Skydiving Club Rated 5 by: Sangi on 2009-09-04

Pros: Beautiful location, awesome weather, huge airfield, good aircrafts, awesome people, cheap jumps and so much more...
Cons: Can't think of any...

Well this is my home DZ, this is where everything started, so I might be a bit biased in my opinion, but hey, it's home! :)

Kaunas Skydiving Club (Pociunai) is an absolutely beautiful place surrounded by peaceful nature further away from busy civilization.. The weather most of the jumping season (from spring to autumn) is amazing, hot sun, blue skies with white puffy clouds, you can get a nice tan or take a cooling swim in a pond behind the club (including the other swooping pond if you fail your swoop haha).. The DZ is surrounded by the curvy river Nemunas and lush greenery of pines and other vegetation...

The airfield is absolutely huge with one side of it belonging to the skydiving club and the other to the gliders club (so if you feel like you can even take your first fun flight in a glider with an instructor, just by going to the other side of the airfield!).

Our DZ operates L-410 turbolet (even two of these during the annual summer boogie july 10-19th) 90% of the working season, also the vintage russian biplane AN-2 100% of the time, sometimes we also get a MI-8 helicopter and theres plenty of balloon jumps during the boogie!

Professional instructions for beginners in english and russian languages (AFF, SL, Tandem), so if you're only a student wanting to experience skydiving do not hesitate to come! Professional manifest work. All kinds of experienced jumpers, from freeflyers, belly flyers, swoopers to wingsuiters, you will always find to jump with someone and have fun! We also have professional riggers and packers for almost any kinds of unexpected needs :)

We also have a bar where you can enjoy traditional lithuanian meals, get some refreshing drinks (includes beer!), watch TV, listen to the music or chill out with your PC (WI-FI internet available!). Club bunkhouse is available for overnight stay (with prepared bed sheets and top notch toilets and showers, however it is not big and during busy times it will most likely be fully occupied so it is advised to bring full camping gear just in case).

Awesome people, awesome chill out evenings in our special chill out zone ;)

I could write and write, but there probably wouldn't be any space left haha..

Cons? What cons? Don't believe me? Come and visit, everyone is always welcome, see you there!

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a goog DZ at a nice place

Kaunas Skydiving Club Rated 5 by: LazyOne on 2006-02-26

Pros: Beautifull nature, friendly people, low prices, AFF, Western and Russian parachutes
Cons: Modest overnight stay possibilities, facilities need to be further developed

Situated in a very nice location, surrounded by the forests and river, large field for landings, on the other end of the field - gliders' factory and hangars for private a/c's.
Well experienced staff, low prices.

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