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Average Rating = 4.86/5 Average Rating : 4.86/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.86/5
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I have done a tandem jump

Skydive Center Spa Rated 5 by: Oeiloff on 2009-10-08

Pros: Professionalism
Cons: Website can be improved with more detailed information (FAQ for instance)

Hi All,

I want to mention my review is just based on tandem jump.

My jump was on October 2nd 2009.
I was looking for a safe location to do skydive and to experince for the first time excitation of free fall.
Spa is great for that, people are professional and kind.

If you want to jump in safe condition, based on my sole experience, I would then recommend Spa.

Thanks to my experinced monitor V.. and my cameraman J..


(Review ID:5417)

Really professionell dropzone open 7 days a week

Skydive Center Spa Rated 5 by: Balu on 2009-07-04

Pros: The people, aircraft, Packing area, landing area, sanitary facilities
Cons: Nothing serious

Spa is located in southern Belgium and the dropzone is just ten minutes from the highway. It provides friendly staff, a Caravan, a huge packing hangar with a shop attached, free (!!!) bunk-rooms and showers. A restaurant is on the airfield, just a 2-minute walk away from the packing hangar. Best of all, Spa is open seven days a week, so you can jump a lot. The locals told that you can jump even more during weekdays, because on weekends it sometimes becomes a bit crowded with tandems. However, that does not mean you will do less than four jumps a day, even if you don't push it.

The manifest is very professional, as well as the pilots are. The landing area is huge. It has to be huge, because outside landings are not possible, because there is a big forest around the dropzone.

Will I come back? Definitely yes!

(Review ID:5224)

You have to go there!

Skydive Center Spa Rated 5 by: Bluessurfer on 2006-01-20

Pros: Excellent facilities, great vibe, professionalism
Cons: None

l had the chance to visit Spa two years ago for the pink boogie and the professionalism shown by the staff was amazing, an excellent organization, nice covered packing area nice plane with modifications for video man, they would make you feel at home even if thatís your first time down there!. A Variety or demo rigs are available and a nice shop as well. people from all over Europe go there. When the activity has ended at the end of the day people goe to a local bar with great facilities and nice beer!
People donít ask for your number of jumps in a discriminative way!

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U have to make a visit !!!

Skydive Center Spa Rated 5 by: melushell on 2005-06-08

Pros: Not too much space to put them here ;)
Cons: absolutely nothing

I have been to SPA for their headdown over Spa boogie.
Well everything was absolutely AWSOME
The DZ looks great, full of personality, all the options u might think (I love the manifesting system (each person has a card with a bar code and they just scan the card and u are in, easy to use easy to track-also the PC software that announces the load :))

Really nice camping area, great planes, restaurant, skydive shop, showers, huge covered packing area, great green landing area, free wireless internet and of course THE STAFF, ohhhhh THE STAFF which I give a big thumbs up and a big thank you for making everybody feel like home.
High professionalism and multilingual, huge positive vibe, really international DZ, u can find people from a lot of countries.
well this is one of those DZ's that u just fall in love the first minute u enter there and NO SKYGODS, even tough the skill level is really high.

The only thing that "bothered" me was the weather, well being positioned in the north of Europe sometimes rain kindda bothers.

A really positive impression and I was really sad for leaving Spa
If you are around, u gotta pay a visit and your impression will be better than after reading my review ;)

(Review ID:2330)

"Spa" DZ - even better than the name would make you think

Skydive Center Spa Rated 5 by: fiftynfallin on 2004-05-06

Pros: Professional, open and welcoming, great facilities and plane
Cons: Absolutely none!

Perfect addition to a business trip to Brussels! As ugly-Americans with no second language skills, and even with multiple non-jumping trips to Europe, I was quite amazed by how willingly and fluently everyone pitched in to help us in English. Very international, very professional, very safety-aware. Briefings were volunteered to us as soon as they saw us. Very beautiful. And my packer, Antionelle (spelling??) even refused to take a tip! Thank you for the memories. And greetinsg to Jody.
(Review ID:1513)

Cool Dropzone, all kinds of people, go there!

Skydive Center Spa Rated 5 by: Chrisky on 2003-07-13

Pros: Fast Grand Caravan, large packing hall, free camping, very international
Cons: the bar and restaurant is more for public, less for skydivers

This is the dropzone to go. It has people from Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands jumping there, its a great international flair there and everybody gets along very well.
They have their own grand caravan and can organize a Skyvan to be there the next day should the capacity be needed. Online logbook and ticket handling are _terrific_.
Shop and Rigger are highly professional.
Very good freefly school just opened there recently, check them out at
I like it there!

(Review ID:968)

Elsenborn is dead... long live SPA!

Skydive Center Spa Rated 4 by: Meatbomber on 2002-11-18

Pros: Organization works great
Cons: DZ a bit work in progress

Had the pleasure of flying at the Skydivecenter SPA, excellent organization and very motivated and helpfull staff, plane (C208) is in great shape too!
The DZ offers pretty much all the facilities you need, the only thing that wasn't perfect was that the aerodrome is being worked on and the landing zone wasn't quite perfect... yet :)


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