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Average Rating = 4.67/5 Average Rating : 4.67/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.67/5
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Super nice people !!!

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: jobschouten on 2013-11-22

Pros: everything
Cons: none

Hey everybody,

I am Job from Holland and I did they AFF course with 6 friends (7 total) at Skytime School.

Did not know what to expect and a little scary ?
But we al had a amazing time and super safe feeling with all of the instructors.

Thinking going back for A license and also for the nice beach and hot weather right next to the air strip.

For sure 5 stars!

(Review ID:8302)

A friendly dropzone by the beach

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: MattKCanada on 2011-05-31

Pros: Great staff; breathtaking views; incredible weather
Cons: Not open 7 days a week, but will accomodate groups

I spent a few days at Skytime Castellon in May with some friends after completing my AFF at Empuriabrava a week earlier. The experience was unbelievable, thanks in no small part to the amazing staff that took a lot of time out of their day to give me pointers and even jump with me a few times. I only expected to be around for a few jumps, but couldn't leave before getting at least five in each day.

The installations are small and not all that glamorous, but it only adds to the charm of the place. We immediately felt and were treated as if we were regular jumpers, and as is mentioned in the post below, were treated to some amazing home-made paella between lifts.

The drop zone is usually open on weekends or if there are enough people to justify the operations. In our case, we called ahead and five of us was enough to get the Cessna 206 off the ground mid-week and as many times as we needed.

The scenery is incredible and the drop zone is only meters away from a beautiful beach (great for those that are accompanying but not jumping). The weather was perfect and apparently like that year-round.

A very special thanks to Ivan, Carlotta, Sobi and Marianna! I will definitely be back soon.

(Review ID:6440)

Great coaching, rental rig and location; love it

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: rhopstr on 2010-12-01

Pros: Location, staff, professionalism, vibe
Cons: None

Not one to normally write a review I decided that my experience with this dropzone warrants an exception. I guess you could say I'm a fan.

Me and my friend were able to spend the last Sunday of November 2010 there.

The housing isn't huge or especially slick but I later realized that's part of what makes this dropzone so likeable.

Initial manifesting was thorough but efficient, we got first class and well maintained rental equipment and were at 13000 in no time (C-206 turboprop).

The location is great; you get warm weather all year, clear skies with an ocean view and a mountain view. You simply can't beat it.

The real reason that I'm such a fan is the staff. The people are simply great. I'm sure they run the place for a living but it feels like they're just there to make sure you get great jumps.

I did two coach jumps with the DZO, learned a lot, got a dvd with the video recordings of both jumps and just had to pay a total of 50 euro's: for the coach's jump tickets.

The day we spent there was a quiet sunday, in between the boogies and training camps they host in winter (there appear to be quite a few of them as a lot of clubs / team go there for their winter jumps) but there were enough jumpers around for them to do about ten loads. I ended up doing 5 jumps that day but figure it could have been about 7 if I had really put my mind to it. In my experience that's really nice on a quite Sunday in their slow season.

At day's end the staff decided to cook traditional paella on a gas stove and we were invited to stay along for the meal. That turned out to be our best evening for that trip to Spain.

Can´t wait to get back asap.

p.s. make sure to email them before you head over there as it appears they're not running a 7 days a week operation all year round. Do think they're open all weekends though.

(Review ID:6133)

Good times @ skytime Castellőn

SkyTime Castellón Rated 4 by: KaiPirat on 2010-10-31

Pros: Near the beach, nice and friendly people.
Cons: Not so good at replying e-mails, miss a bunkhouse for spending the night.

I've been at skytime a few timew and its definitively not the last time. The people are very nice and friendly. If you tell them you want to jump as much as possible, they make sure you get a lot of jumps.
Mariana organize the flights in a realy good way :-)

People on the DZ are very helpful and are interested to give you good advices.

They can be better in replying e-mail, but you always meet someone if your call them.
Also i miss a bunkhouse where you can spend the night for low cost. Cause you need to stay at a hotel if you want to spend some days there.

Always make a call if you like to go there, to make sure they jump the days you want to visit them.

Altogether i'm very satisfied with the DZ and not at least the people on the DZ.
It's really worth make a visit.

(Review ID:6088)

It's a really 'Super funny' DZ..

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: carlotta on 2008-12-11

Pros: The place..the people..the weather..and more!!
Cons: /

I’ts almoust one year that I’m frequenting SKYTIME and by now I’m already totally dependent on it.
At the DZ you can find availability, professionalism and organization.
The weather is the strong point: always sunny and warm, and that’s the reason why the centre is open all the year!!
Two ‘Cessna 206 Soloy,’ supplyed with drop-kit, are always available for the activity!!
If you want it’s possible to land on the beach cause it’s just 20mt far away!!
In winter during the boogies, a lot of skydivers from different countries come here for the warming up!!
Too many faces, too many loads, too many languages, too many BEERS!!
It’s so, so funny, you can’t lose it!!
I hope to meet you soon at Castellon!!

(Review ID:4915)

Really close to the beach. Profesionals.

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: scueto on 2008-01-29

Pros: Really the best weather conditions.
Cons: none

The Dropzone is only a few meters from the beach, in a really nice town, witha a perfect weather even in winter.
Instructors have different ratings like USPA,Spanish and Belgium.
Tandem and AFF instructor courses.
Profesional staff. They speak several lenguages.
With two fix airplanes,they never stop activity during the year.
Several events with bigger airplanes in winter.

(Review ID:4330)

friendly, nice views, the best weather condiitons,...

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: cplancha on 2008-01-06

Pros: the place, simply wonderful
Cons: they are not happened to me

the weather conditions are ok in any season of year... the people and organisation, really friendly and professional... the landing zone, very easy with the beach very close to it... lots of services near of it...
i could enjoy the last boogie just over today: the ambient, very nice...
it's worth the trouble!!!

(Review ID:4297)

SkyTime has the best weather conditions in Europe

SkyTime Castellón Rated 5 by: IvanCueto on 2007-11-28

Pros: Weather, sea, beach,People, city, food, party, organization, etc...
Cons: I didn't find any..

It's the nicer drop zone I never been before, the weather conditions and the view are exceptional. There you can land on the DZ or on the beach in the same spot, the beach is just 30 meters far away from the packing area.The people and the organization they are really professional, they know very well they area. Very easy to arrive with a cheap fly, you can found all the information on the web site. Thanks guys to make me feel so good ;-) I'll be back soonnnn
(Review ID:4254)

Looks like they'll discontinue DZ Activities

SkyTime Castellón Rated 3 by: kerk1v on 2003-08-05

Pros: n/a
Cons: n/a


I called these guys a couple of weeks ago when inquiring about an AFF. They have temporarily moved to Skydive Castellón, and it looks very much as if they're there to stay, meaning it is uncertain that they'll be able to return to St. Fruitós del Bages in the Barcelona province after the summer.

After discontinuation of skydiving activities in Sabadell many years ago, this again leaves the Barcelona region without a DZ nearby, forcing us to drive about 2 hrs either way, north or south, to get either to Castellón or to Empuriabrava.

(Review ID:1018)

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