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Average Rating = 4.57/5 Average Rating : 4.57/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.57/5
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Should you be around, definitely stop by!

Skydive St Andrews Rated 4 by: stefka on 2007-04-26

Pros: Great friendly vibe
Cons: Need more aircrafts during busy weekends

I've spent a weekend over there during my stay in Scotland last spring and it was great. The place staff is friendly and professional. Great facilities, bar and loads of videos to entertain while being on weather hold or in the evening. The only cons were the bunk houses (not very clean) and a lack of an extra jumpship. One cessna was too few for such a busy weekend. Otherwise, a perfect place to go jumping. I'll always remember how friendly I was welcomed despite being a foreigner. Also thanks for the minibike riding on saturday night, great fun speeding on the dark runway.
(Review ID:3835)

a small but good DZ

Skydive St Andrews Rated 4 by: kstewart on 2006-10-13

Pros: the people & the vibe
Cons: limited aircraft

Was over in Scotland for the summer and thought I'd check out a couple of the DZs. The first thing that struck me about St Andrews was that it has a good vibe. People were friendly, and other than the occasional DZ bore that you find at most places, there was a refreshing lack of cliqueiness and people were just into having fun and enjoying their jumping. 12,000 feet available and no long waits for manifest/DZ control to get their act together - just how it should be - more altitude, less attitude... unlike a certain other Scottish DZ.
(Review ID:3464)

the friendliest dz around

Skydive St Andrews Rated 5 by: goblinlouise on 2005-09-27

Pros: Friendly people
Cons: scottish weather

this is where l did my training (Aff) before going travelling and it is what l missed most when l was away. Other dz's may have bigger planes etc but u can't beat a friendly atmosphere.
(Review ID:2623)

The only dropzone in Scotland!!!

Skydive St Andrews Rated 5 by: fastfallrigging on 2005-09-13

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

I first saw this DZ when it was being run oout of the back of the (Former) owners car - Oh boy has it changed since!
Any DZ that can boast purpose built facilities, an on-site bar (with WICKED hours!) and club members that all pull together... can't be all that bad can it?
When you wake up in the morning with the baggiest head this side of the black stump, what do you want? (other than the hair of the dog?) A nice warm shower! The showers in the clubhouse are hot enough and powerfull enough to take your skin off! Get yourself together, get in the plane and the humour level really kicks in - if you're really lucky, they'll even let you climb out onto the rail of the Islander a mile or more early, shut the door on you and let you enjoy the "bracing" Scottish temperatures. I guess the up side was that they then bought me a cup of tea for having given them a bit of a giggle!
The friendliness is second to none, the welcome is HUGE and the is NO 'cliquieness' Unlike another Scottish DZ that begins "ST"!
Yeah, the weather can be a bit "iffy" but who cares when you've got a bar like that!?
I CANNOT recommend this DZ highly enough.

(Review ID:2586)

If you're in Scotland - you've gotta drop by

Skydive St Andrews Rated 5 by: batbex on 2004-02-19

Pros: great facilities, great people
Cons: cesna, weather

Really friendly dropzone, newly built, so brand spanking-new facilities - showers, bunk rooms, bar and restaurant all on site.
Scottish weather is poo, but like I said - onsite bar! Just a cesna for most of the year - but at least it has a door.

(Review ID:1369)

I DO rate this DZ

Skydive St Andrews Rated 4 by: kerouhak on 2004-01-02

Pros: good tutors, good facilities
Cons: only 1 plane

Maybe I was a bit harsh in my previous review.
I wish to make it clear that I DO rate this DZ.
One bad experience doesn't warrant a negative review! As previously stated, tutors, facilities are first rate, make sure you buy your ciggy's before you get there or it's 5 quid a pack :-)

One bad thing though- watch out for the oncoming traffic when turning off the road, there's a blind bend right next to it and I can personally state that it aint much fun seeing a car coming round at speed when your'e halfway in.

(Review ID:1267)

St Andrews

Skydive St Andrews Rated 5 by: AllyMilne on 2003-06-02

Pros: Bar, turbines in summer, near to St Andrews
Cons: Scottish weather

A great dropzone in scotland with loads of students and great instuctors to lighten those rainy days. Always get a lift in if your there for the weekend. Tubine islander in the summer and cheap bar thats open late. Plenty of videos to watch on those rainy days. Great packing hall and modern and well ran manifet. Very progressive.
(Review ID:897)

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