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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.00/5
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Small but very friendly dropzone with great scenic view

Skydive Hoevenen Rated 4 by: Balu on 2009-07-04

Pros: Friendly people, good prices, awesome view above the harbour area
Cons: Open only on weekends

Hoevenen is located close to Antwerp in northern Belgium. After leaving the highway it is just a short drive and then you are there. The people are friendly and it is easy to find someone who jumps with you. Even some wingsuiters are there :-) They jump out of a Cessna 206 SOLOY, which always climbs to 12000 feet (3600m). I have done five jumps a day without stress. If you do not need long briefings and just wanna jump, you can do even more. Do a solo as your first jump there, that gives you time to enjoy the view of the harbour are, which is really huuuuuge, and the northern sea. The whole airfield serves as a landing are, and there are also many fields in the vicinity that can be used. Just don't land at the harbour, it's dangerous because of the cranes and powerlines.

Baguettes and cooled soft drinks are available at low prices. Toilets are in a nearby restaurant. No showers and no bunkhouse. Hotel prices in that are in the european average.

Will I come back? Yes, from time to time, when I visit friends in Antwerp, I will take the opportunity to jump in Hoevenen again.

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Info for Seeking Starters

Skydive Hoevenen Rated 4 by: GregDC on 2003-08-17

Pros: T starting-place 4 Belgium and Southern Netherlands
Cons: Only week-end jumps,a cozy airplane

Due to a natural interest, I started to investigate the Para jumping possibilities in Belgium.

As an outsider I didnít know much? (still donít : )
I compared factors, such as cost of AFF, cost solo jumps, distance, jumpmasters available, jumping in week-ends only and safety.

My first big step was the day I decided to go and have a look.
There I got my first impression. The reception was fine, and I realized very rapidly I was dealing with a very small and tight group. This i found favorable for my starting days.

On the first training day, remarkable to me was the international character of the event: 4 genuine Spaniards and a few Australian jumpers were visiting.
The teaching was good and the guiding excellent.
The jumpmasters were very professional and instilled confidence, but besides that they were also a lot of fun.

I realized my calculations were in vain, because one thing you canít plan is the people you are going to meet on the spot.

I suppose I made a lucky choice by going to Hoevenen, for I was able to complete the AFF-course in minimum time in good comfort.
One remark might be that itís a rather small plane, but the site you get from looking out of it is without any doubt the most versatile in Belgium (the harbor, the cityÖ)

In short maybe: A small club with a Grand view.

Thx to all JM
And special thanks to ILS van de Weygaert and Marc.

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Good vibe in the club

Skydive Hoevenen Rated 4 by: nolle on 2003-01-03

Pros: good mentaliti, good service,good teaching and coaching
Cons: one plain(cessna) , wet field when it has rained

At hoevenen in Belgium ther is a good vibe in the club the service is very well also the coaching for jumpers and teaching new ones they give not only technicly lessons but also how the feeling must be so you understand better the filosefy of jumping out of a normal working plane.

it is a theit group but the con is well that the area for landing is chared with the fly club of cessnas so somethimes you have a bad feeling if youre hanging in the air and there is a cessna ready to take of.

but the groundcrew is something you can depent on.

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