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Average Rating = 4.25/5 Average Rating : 4.25/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.25/5
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Nice DZ

Parachutes Over Carmi Rated 5 by: glocker on 2007-09-28

Pros: Friendly, Nice people
Cons: None

I started jumping at this DZ 10 years ago, and I revisited this month.
Instructors, a pilot, people over there were very nice people, and if you have chance to jump there, you'll like it!

(Review ID:4160)

Good for 1st timers

Parachutes Over Carmi Rated 4 by: brentcair on 2003-09-29

Pros: Good vibes, nice landing area
Cons: no turbine

I have jumped here a good bit when I was in the area. It is a great 182 DZ. Really friendly atmosphere, nice grass landing, no skygod mentalities. Owner does all the tandems and is really good with them, so if you have a whuffo friend who wants to check it out , its a good place for them to get their first taste. He spends alot of time with them and makes them feel comfortable.
(Review ID:1099)

Good Times

Parachutes Over Carmi Rated 5 by: weber on 2001-06-20

I jump at POC very often and never leave dissapointed. It is a great place to meet new people jump and hang out afterwards. I am a member of the Southern Illinois University Skydiving club and we jump there all the time. We love it.
(Review ID:190)

Carmi review

Parachutes Over Carmi Rated 3 by: chaddonnel on 2001-05-17

I have made a few jumps there as I was in the area. Its a nice little drop zone. All the people were very friendly,and the landing area is wide open. I would jump there again.
(Review ID:156)

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