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weekend after weekend

CLOSED --- Sky Dive Little Rock --- CLOSED Rated 5 by: spence09 on 2007-06-18

Pros: Great atmosphere
Cons: small plane

This Dz may not be the biggest dropzone, but I have to say that Carl Counts and the other fun jumpers and instructors really make it worth while. The fun filled atmosphere draws me back weekend after weekend. The C-182 may not get you to altitude the fastest, but it does get you there. Since the dz is small there is plenty of one-on-one learning opportunities, and you become friends with many other local jumpers. I believe the laid back atmosphere helps maintain a safer dropzone and the small jump loads make newer jumpers a lot less worried about canopy collusions and other high traffic type malfunctions. Pumpkin Patch is just a great dz for anyone who wants to feel like part of a skydiving family, not just a twenty dollar bill dispenser. Just want to say Great job Carl, Mike, Travis, Nathan, and all the other guys that make it happen every weekend at the Patch, thanks a lot, Spence
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Beautiful, laid back, small dz just outside of the city

CLOSED --- Sky Dive Little Rock --- CLOSED Rated 5 by: jsmcfadden on 2007-05-30

Pros: Friendly staff and growing number of students
Cons: Small aircraft, so there's a wait

I loved it here - I'd started my training elsewhere and met Carl and some of the others at that dz, so when it shut down, it seemed natural to follow Carl to his dz. The vibe at Punkin Patch is so laid back - no drama, nothing but a great place to jump. I am picking back up where I left off with a great, professional staff, and it's been wonderful so far. I really can't say enough good things about these guys. Oh, and the dz is really beautiful.
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