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Average Rating = 4.15/5 Average Rating : 4.15/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.15/5
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Don't waste your money and experience here

Skydive SWOOP Rated 1 by: kevin69 on 2017-08-11

Pros: Non
Cons: All

This drop zone is a total waste of your 500$ and possibly your life. Their aircraft are shitty old Cessna 182s from the 50s that shoe obvious sign of metal fatigue. One has already crashed and one had a wing replaced. Meaning it has one good wing and one shit wing yay!. They have Porta potties filled with shit for their customers yay!. Their staff consists of perverted old men yay. They also claim to be not for profit but that's a load of shot everyone there including the club profits from the not for profit dz. Also the only go to 10.500ft as a pose to 13500 like all the other dropzones. This place blows 0 stars yay!
(Review ID:9357)

Great DZ

Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: Pete223 on 2015-07-20

Pros: Location, great instructors, friendly people at the DZ
Cons: Horrible bathroom facilities, load ogranization

Good: Awesome DZ with great instructors to help you work on whatever you need. Not too far from Toronto and the view is very nice. Two cessna aircraft available (sometimes a helicopter)

Not great: Bathroom facilities. Load organization can be slow especially if you have a really switched off person there.

(Review ID:8826)

skydive swoop

Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: ryanfitzpatrick on 2014-09-01

Pros: Great atmosphere good people safety first
Cons: Can't think of any

I've read all of the reviews for skydive swoop. I can't understand why some people have chosen to give a bad review. My friend and I have started our pff. Our instructors and other staff and very pleasant to work with. Safety is always key. I felt completely comfortable with them. Who cares if you have tobuse a porta potty. This is not Hollywood people. This is the real deal. Its like one big family. Ive made some new friends and im learning from highly qualified instructors. I would highly recommend skydive swoop to anyone.

Oh and if you dont get to jump right away. There's a reason why. Dont rush it. Listen to your instructors

(Review ID:8644)

I was extremely disappointed(in the service)

Skydive SWOOP Rated 2 by: angela1987 on 2013-12-19

Pros: Pilots are great
Cons: Lack or instructors, disgusting porta-potties(extremely unsanitary) no customer service

One thing that almost made me barf was the porta-potties. I had to drive 10mins down the road to a Tim Horton because there was no way I was using the over filled toilets let alone my kids. the instructors seemed very unorganized and slow as well as in the office. I was speaking with one of the pilots who seemed very upset with how they were running the show. There seemed to be a lack of instructors which I can understand why... Even the regular skydivers seemed to be upset. The explanation of the skydive swoops facilities on there website is a lie compared to the real thing. The drop zone consists of 2 53ft trailers that seen to be rotting and sinking, and 2 other school portables that were in decent shape and 3 planes that looked very well used(old). The "pro shop" wasn't very professional at all, as it wasn't open all three times I was there (I brought my own snacks the 3rd time) I was re-booked because of wind, clouds and aircraft maintenance, mean while I called a couple other skydive facilities and they seemed to jumping without delay. a friend of mine went to Skydive school of Toronto (STI) and she had made her jump within an hour of being there. it took me 3 visits and 3 weeks to spend 450+ dollars and my video was horrible, I was only in frame for 10 secs and in slow motion edit (sooo frustrated). id say the ONLY pro is location but when I count all the back and forth trips I made, any other drop zone would have be closer. and more fulfilling. sorry skydive swoop, very unprofessional.
(Review ID:8309)

Will be back. Had a great experience

Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: Maevin on 2012-08-04

Pros: Very professional, want you to enjoy the jump
Cons: Planes are the scariest part

They are very loose with the jump times but instructors were very professional and seem to want you to enjoy the jump as much as they obviously do. Planes look well used but were up to the task.
Thanks for the check off the bucket list

(Review ID:7527)

I signed up, waited, waited, and waited some more...

Skydive SWOOP Rated 1 by: SlipstreamBRO on 2009-10-14

Pros: None
Cons: They won't answer their phone or email

Don't expect a return call, an answer, or anything else other than your bank account to be hit when you use their online booking. Also, don't try and call the # they list on their site, cause it's disconnected.

I tried to sign up my friend for his first jump. He is in Ontario, I'm in TN. So, I used dropzone to find the best DZ around him. BIG MISTAKE. This database must not be uptodate, or their down and out and not letting anyone know.


(Review ID:5426)

Swoop Drop Zone ...A+

Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: Liz4 on 2004-04-27

Pros: Swoop is a great place to make your first jump
Cons: washroom facilities E-

It is the best place for your first jump. They put safety first which puts you at eaze with your new found adventure.
They make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Great instructors. Swoop members love to party and enjoy living life to the fullest and make everyone feel welcome from novice to the advanced jumpers.
A Great bunch of people. Come out and find out for yourselves.Wish it was open all year.

(Review ID:1478)

Every one feels welcome at SWOOP

Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: freakflydiver on 2004-03-10

Pros: Awesome place for safe and fun Skydives
Cons: I wish it was open through the winter

If there was a sixth star I'd give it to SWOOP.
Great Dropzone for students, first time or experienced jumpers or even those who just want to hang out.At SWOOP you'll have fun whether you're jumping or not.

Come on over and meet some of the greatest instructors, hottest skychicks and craziest skydivers in Ontario. I can garantee that you'll have a blast.

Way to Go SWOOP!!

Can't wait 'till summer

PS: BE READY FOR "FREAKFLY"...coming soon

(Review ID:1395)


Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: siloskates on 2004-02-09

Pros: Friendly, Safety Conscious, Fun
Cons: I can't be there every weekend!

I have done 2 PFF jumps, both at SWOOP and have nothing but praise. The people are friendly and always make you feel welcome. They make it clear that safety comes second to none (which calms your nerves a little bit before your first jump!). After being away for a few years I look forward to returning to SWOOP this season to do some more jumps.
(Review ID:1348)

A home away from home

Skydive SWOOP Rated 5 by: smceown on 2004-02-08

Pros: Familial, friendly, fun; Highly experienced skilled instructors
Cons: none

SWOOP has been around for 25 years, and there's a good reason for it. The people. The instructors are top-notch, professional, highly experienced, and concerned about students progressing into full-fledged skydivers. This member-run club is one of the nicest and most fun bunch you'll ever meet. Everyone is always welcome. Here's to the next 25 years!
(Review ID:1344)
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