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Average Rating = 4.00/5 Average Rating : 4.00/5

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Average Rating : Average Rating = 4.00/5
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Big dropzone with great staff with the potential to be one of the best in the country!

South Cerney Rated 4 by: skyrat159 on 2006-08-06

Pros: Friendly staff, great landing area,
Cons: Overnight facilities, refreshments

Did my first static line jump at Cerney and even back then found the place to have the right vibe for taking up the sport, in fact, I was positively encouraged to continue and progress! And I'm glad I did. I've jumped at many other DZ's round the country and found some to be great while others were just okay, every drop zone has it good and bad points. But Cerney does it for me everytime! The Let is a great plane to leap out of, and although I know they are having a few problems at the moment with aircraft issues, they still manage to get lifts going with whatever they have, altough with a few restictions at present. But I know that all these things will be resolved soon and Cerney will be back to its old self!
The staff still remain to be freindly, helpful and courtious at all times. Most of them are military guys and conduct themselves in a thoroughly professional manner, even when the pressure is on and they're all busy, they will always help! It doesnt matter wether its tandem, RAPS or experienced, everyone is made to feel welcome. There is scope for people to progress too, FS, FF even CF, there is always someone there to coach or just advise. As for the landing area, its huge! The only thing that lets Cerney down is the facilities. A 3 day camel trek to the toilets, a small (and pricey)'cafe' and if you want to stay over the weekend you'd better factor in the cost of a B&B to your jump costs.(No bunk house or camping).There is a bar, abit small and being a military camp (and no overnight facilities) no-one seems to stay and have a few beers, so the social scene on the DZ is a bit dull (few good bars in town though). There is potential for Cerney to be one of the great DZ's in the country, so come on the Silver Stars, pull yer fingers out and get it sorted!

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Great place to rack up your jump numbers.

South Cerney Rated 4 by: markymarc on 2006-05-03

Pros: let 410, great coaching staff ,good vibe, make lots of jumps,any one always welcomed,huge landing aera.
Cons: no camping or any real bar,no night social scene.

A great dz,staff always keen to help you progress and get you in the air,good friendly vibe going on,huge landing aera,basic facilites but made up for the jumps you can get in,if you want a place to go and jump till you drop this is the place,good on you cerney.
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Small but firendly DZ with the right idea.

South Cerney Rated 4 by: spindal on 2006-01-08

Pros: Small but nice DZ with good attitude and great personalities
Cons: no bunk house, no "real bar" out in the sticks a bit.

Used to jump at cerny a bit before I moved. One of the reasons I wish I stayed.

Really liked it there. good people with the right attitude.

A bit of a victim of its own success as it provides a top parachute program, but it some times finds it hard to cater for large numbers.

the Staff are all friendly keep Cerny banging along at a good pace.

Great aircratf and and a good vibe but not much to do in the evenings.

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