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Paragon Skydiving Club Review - by chic1995

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Never again
Rated by: chic1995 on 2012-03-16 (user profile) (user reviews)

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Been up to Paragon 10 times now, very unhelpful & unprofessional staff. 14 people were turned away on Sunday some having travelled 200 miles, because they had no pilot, not too bad but did they have to wait till half 3 to tell us we would not be jumping especially since we got there at 8am. Never over the last year have we seen the plane actually up in the air, if fact havnt seen it at all the last 4 times. Wont let you jump if the ground is slightly wet - incase the parachutes get wet - they only have 2...... Cant decide what the price is, some people have paid 300 some 400 when it clearly states on wall in office its 250. Dont book through an agency and pay your deposit - they will charge you it again, telling you that is the agency's booking fee (rubbish) Seriously this must be the most incompetent company I have ever come accross, and I wont be going back and I certainly wont reccommend it to anyone.........

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