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Special Weekends

Start Date Events Location Country
2014-10-18 OKTOBERFEST Auckland New Zealand
2014-09-26 St Jude's Jump for a cause Lumberton United States
2014-07-23 RAPA 50 year Anniversary Boogie Bad Lippsringe Germany
2014-08-28 Dollar Daze "The Original Boogie" Fort Dodge United States
2014-07-24 Boogie Fest atmosphair 2014
2014-07-26 SUMMERFEST Ottawa United States
2014-09-26 Kansas State University PC's 50th Anniversary Skyvan Boogie Abilene, KS United States
2014-07-19 4 Rudolf Tarasovic Summer Boogie Thiene Italy
2014-10-31 SKYDIVE ATLANTA'S HALLOWEEN BOOGIE Thomaston United States
2014-08-27 Work Stinks! Boogie Middletown United States
2014-11-14 12th World POPS Meeting & Championships San Juan Argentina
2014-08-15 33rd FAI World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships Bosnia
2014-08-24 10th FAI World Artistic Events championships Prostejov Czech Republic
2014-09-17 38th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship Surakarta (Solo) Indonesia
2014-06-27 Parachute World Cup Series 2014 - Round 2 Lesce Slovenia
2014-08-08 Parachute World Cup Series 2014 - Round 4 Italy
2014-09-05 Parachute World Cup Series 2014 - Round 5 Thalgau Austria
2014-10-24 Parachute World Cup Series 2014 - Round 6 Lorcano Switzerland
2014-09-06 British National 4-Way And VFS Championships Hibaldstow United Kingdom
2014-09-13 British National 8-Way FS, Artistics and Speed Championships Hibaldstow United Kingdom
2014-09-26 British National Canopy Formation, Classics & 8-Way Championships Peterborough United Kingdom
2014-09-10 USPA Nationals Ottawa United States
2014-08-30 Midwest Skydiving League Ottawa United States
0000-00-00 Mala Kohi "Blue Sky" Luau Rochelle United States
2014-04-26 Alaska Skydive Center 2014 Palmer United States
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