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Start Date Events Location Country
2014-08-15 16th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships Bosnia
2014-08-24 21st FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships Prostejov Czech Republic
2014-05-17 UKSL Meet 1 Peterborough United Kingdom
2014-06-14 UKSL Meet 2 Netheravon United Kingdom
2014-07-12 UKSL Meet 3 Langar United Kingdom
2014-11-27 DC-3 10-way Speed Money Meet. hurricane United States
2014-06-14 4-Way Scrambles East Stroudsburg United States
2014-09-27 Rookiefest Ottawa United States
2014-04-20 Coach Rating Course Williamstown United States
2014-05-16 USPA Coach Rating Course Thomaston United States
2014-04-24 Team Ripcord POPS World Record Eloy United States
2014-10-02 Heroes 100-way Sequential Lake Wales
2014-07-05 Mark and Darryld 40ish Ways United States
2014-06-12 8-16 way Guy Wright Camp Middletown United States
2014-10-02 Heroes Sequential 100-way Lake Wales
2014-08-16 Mark and Darryld 40ish Ways United States
2014-05-01 Big Formations Belly Camp - coach Drazen Pecnik Siofok - Kiliti Hungary
2014-05-10 FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving (FS) Camp
2014-06-14 FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving (FS) Camp
2014-07-12 FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving (FS) Camp
2014-08-09 FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving (FS) Camp
2014-04-18 Basic Bigway Skills Camp Skydive San Marcos United States
2014-06-02 Basic Camp 2014 Stockholm Sweden
2014-06-02 Basic Camp 2014 Stockholm Sweden
2014-05-10 Masters Skills Camp East Stroudsburg United States
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