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Calendar : May


Start Date Events Location Country
2014-05-01 Official Season Opening & Big Formation Belly Training Camp Siofok - Kiliti Hungary
2014-05-02 Bridge the Gap 2014 Lake Elsinore United States
2014-05-02 "POP" Poppenhager Birthday Boogie & South Florida Parachute, Inc. Palatka United States
2014-05-03 Cinco de Mayo Boogie Orange
2014-05-16 Chattanooga Freefall Festival Jasper, United States
2014-05-17 Ex3mo Training Camps RW and FF Camps Thiene Italy
2014-05-01 49° Campeonato Argentino de Paracaidismo 2014 San Francisco, Córdoba Argentina
2014-05-10 Italian Wingsuit Championship & International Competition Italy
2014-05-02 AFF Instructor Rating Pre-course and Course Orange United States
2014-05-02 USPA Tandem Instructor (UPT) Course - Skydive Midwest United States
2014-05-03 Sigma/Strong/Plexus and USPA Ta- I course by SkydiveRatings Zephyrhils United States
2014-05-06 USPA Coach rating by SkydiveRatings Zephyrhils United States
2014-05-09 USPA Coach Rating Course - Skydive Tecumseh United States
2014-05-10 Get that COACH rating!! Vinemont United States
2014-05-12 USPA AFF Pre-Course and Rating Course - Skydive Tecumseh United States
2014-05-16 USPA Coach Rating Course Thomaston United States
2014-05-16 Coach Rating Course East Stroudsburg United States
2014-05-01 Wingsuit Training Camp Slupsk Poland
2014-05-01 Big Formations Belly Camp - coach Drazen Pecnik Siofok - Kiliti Hungary
2014-05-03 Going Bigger, Going Better PA SIS Record Camp 1 East Stroudsburg United States
2014-05-03 Flight 101 Course with Kaz Sheekey East Stroudsburg United States
2014-05-04 Flight 102 Course with Kaz Sheeky East Stroudsburg United States
2014-05-10 Masters Skills Camp East Stroudsburg United States
2014-05-10 FurtheranZe Formation Skydiving (FS) Camp
2014-05-10 Water Training East Stroudsburg United States