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Start Date Events Location Country
0000-00-00 Sky Van North Myrtle Beach United States
0000-00-00 Static Line/ IAD Instructor certification course Toledo United States
2016-07-21 Helicopter Boogie Mi-8 CANCELED Spisska Nova Ves Slovak Republic
2016-07-22 Berzerker Boogie Herning Denmark
2016-07-22 Jump Junkies Boogie II Mulino United States
2016-07-22 Skydive Thiene Summer Boogie Thiene Italy
2016-07-23 WINGSUIT BOOGIE HUNGARY Kaposújlak Hungary
2016-07-29 North West Boogie Abbotsford Canada
2016-07-29 Parasummer 2016 Pärnu Estonia
2016-07-29 Skydive Fano Summer Boogie Fano Italy
2016-07-30 Hot Summer Boogie 2016 Mimizan France
2016-07-30 SUMMERFEST 2016 Ottawa United States
2016-07-31 SkydiveSicilia Super Summer Boogie 2016 SIRACUSA Italy
2016-08-08 Avengers boogie mimizan France
2016-08-08 SkySaver Week Sevilla
2016-08-11 CPI's 6th Annual 50th Anniversary Boogie! Ellington United States
2016-08-15 SkySaver Week Portimão/Alvor​ Portugal
2016-09-01 BamaFest 2016!!! 6TH Annual! Vinemont United States
2016-09-02 Super Huey Boogie 2016 Ensenada Mexico
2016-09-05 Sky$aver Week Bollullos de la Mitación Spain
2016-09-10 From Zero To Hero Wingsuit Weekend Bollullos de la Mitación Spain
2016-09-17 Arizona Days Eloy
2016-09-19 Sky$aver Week Portimão/Alvor​ Portugal
2016-09-22 Rainbow Boogie
2016-09-24 The canopy School - Beginner Active Piloting Bollullos de la Mitación Spain
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