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Skydiving Calendar : Competitions : DC-3 10-way Speed Money Meet.

DC-3 10-way Speed Money Meet.

2018-12-29 to 2018-12-30
841 W400S, po box 736,
United States
skydive arizona
No web site given
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The 5th Annual DC-3 meet promises to be even more kickass! Last year there were 6 teams battling for the coveted 1st Place Jackets sponsored by SunPath again. 6 Rounds. 2 - Otter Rounds, 5 floaters, no link exits. 2 - Skyvan Rounds, no rules except all diving exits 2 - DC-3 Rounds, the "decider". No show, no link exits. Registration is $150 per team! Lots of serious fun!

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Added: Fri Jun 08 2018
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