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Skydiving Calendar : Competitions


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Start Date Events Location Country
2017-03-31 WOWS Winsuit Competition
2017-04-07 The Bodyflight World Challenge 2017 Bedford United Kingdom
2017-04-15 Mark and Daryld 40-ish Ways
2017-04-29 FLCPA Meet/Dirty Sanchez Boogie Sebastian United States
2017-06-24 4-Way Scrambles East Stroudsburg United States
2017-07-01 Mark and Daryld 40-ish Ways United States
2017-07-10 41st CISM World Military Parachuting Championship Warendorf Germany
2017-07-20 2017 The World Games Wroclaw Poland
2017-07-28 Skydiving League - 27th Alka Parachute Cup Sinj Croatia
2017-07-29 XI. Wingsuit Boogie Hungary Hungary
2017-08-07 11th FAI European Artistic Events Championships Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-07 12th FAI World Cup of Artistic Events Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-07 14th FAI European Formation Skydiving Championships Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-07 21st FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-07 3rd FAI World Cup of Speed Skydiving Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-07 7th FAI European Canopy Formation Championships Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-07 9th FAI World Cup of Canopy Formation Saarlouis Germany
2017-08-12 One Step Up 20 Ways United States
2017-08-24 6th FAI Junior European Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Champ Podgorica Montenegro
2017-08-24 9th FAI European Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championship Podgorica Montenegro
2017-08-26 4-Way Scrambles East Stroudsburg United States
2017-08-26 SCSL Skills Meet United States
2017-09-10 USPA National Parachuting Championships (AL,CF, CP, SA)
2017-09-16 USPA National Skydiving Championships (AE, FS, SS, WF)
2017-10-20 2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships Laval, Quebec Canada
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