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Douglas Spotted Eagle

Douglas Spotted Eagle is an audio and video pro. He is a Grammy recipient with DuPont, Peabody, and Telly awards lining his studio; he is also a participant/producer in multiple Emmy winning productions. Douglas is the Managing Producer for Sundance Media Group, Inc. and VASST, authoring several books and DVDs and serving as a trainer and consultant for videographers, software manufacturers and broadcasters. He is the author or co-author of several digital media titles including Digital Video Basics (VASST), The FullHD (VASST), and Vegas Editing Workshop (Focal Press) among many others.

Melissa Lowe

Melissa is a 3rd generation, well-accomplished skydiver logging over 10,000+ jumps. She's an AFF-Instructor and travels the world organizing at events. She earned her pilot's license in 2012 and is currently finishing her late father's book, Sugar Alpha, due out in 2013. Melissa currently lives in Moab, UT where she currently co-runs Over the Edge, Moab and Arches Air Sports with her fiance, and lives her other life as a BASE jumper, yogi and slackliner.

James La Barrie

Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, James La Barrie brings a different perspective to the skydiving industry based on hospitality, service and marketing. Having spent nine years as the General Manager of Skydive Carolina, James has a proven track record for success in business. While at Skydive Carolina, James oversaw increased revenues between 15%-30% for nine consecutive years and is also the creator of CarolinaFest. In December of 2012, James left Skydive Carolina to pursue his passion - marketing. In 2013, he founded Beyond Marketing and maintains the blog

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